Former Cast Member Calls Out “A**hole Parents” Scaring Their Kids

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Anyone who’s ever been to a Disney Park knows that even places like the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland can be minefields for family drama, but one cast member has had enough.

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Disney World might be the place where dreams come true, but some trips can be absolute nightmares, especially with angry parents and unruly children. The fact of the matter is that some kids are ready for a Disney trip sooner than others, but some adults haven’t figured that out yet.

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The Disney Cast Members are the ones who make the parks function, and that includes ensuring guest safety and satisfaction. Screaming kids are as common at the Magic Kingdom as churros, Lighting Lanes, and Mickey Ears, but sometimes they are excited for the wrong reasons.

Quit Being “Mouse-Ka-Tools!” Former Cast Member Speaks Up


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WARNING!: Video above contains language that might not be suitable for all viewers.

@dappermanatee (MITCH!) is a former Disney Cast Member who has shared his opinions about how things are run at the house of mouse before, and he frequently calls out bad guest behavior. This isn’t the first time he’s directed his sights at the parents, but things take a serious turn when he talks about the consent to ride.

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The cast member not only points out how behavior like this can absolutely spoil a kid’s perception of a Disney trip, but can damage their understanding of consent somewhere down the line. This isn’t the only instance of parents doing this either. The creator goes on to address how parents continuously make riding difficult for their kids and scaring them to death just for the fun of it, but that’s not the only issue going on at the Disney Parks.

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Inside the Magic has reported several different occasions where parents have been a consistent problem, including reports of abuse. While it can be so easy to jump on the Disney adults doing silly and often stupid stunts for social media clout, it’s shameful to see families behaving this way in some of the happiest places on earth.

Inside the Magic reached out to the TikTok creator for further comment, but received no reply at the time of publishing.

Have you seen parents do this to kids at Disney? How did you respond? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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