New Content Announced Before Disney+ Shutdown

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The winter holidays are a big season for streaming services, especially with more people staying home in front of a screen while that turkey roasts. But is Disney just baiting us with new material before it dissolves?

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CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, recently revealed plans that Disney+ as fans know it would be shut down in December, 2023, and that parents, kids, and viewers of all ages should be prepared for the fallout. If that truly is the case, why has the company made so many major announcements just in time for Christmas?

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As of writing, Disney+ already has December lined up with practically a new release each week. From Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) to a new Winnie the Pooh animated series, it feels like an awful lot to cram in our stockings before the massive Hulu merger.

Disney+ Drops Massive Content Bomb

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There’s no getting around it, the magical streaming service that many of us know and love is changing, and subscribers will have to adapt. Viewers can still find comfort in knowing that they won’t have to sacrifice any of their beloved content, and that Disney is bringing in more than just Mickey Mouse specials.

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Of course, the studio has announced multiple Christmas and Holiday related materials making their grand debut, such as season 2 of Tim Allen’s controversial The Santa Clausesbut Disney hasn’t skimped on the bigger events either. After all, Santa isn’t the only famous face on the guest list this year.

David Tennant as the Doctor in the 60th anniversary special of 'Doctor Who', standing in the doorway of the TARDIS
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Three of the biggest names on the Disney calendar this December are Indiana Jones, Percy Jackson, and even Doctor Who. All three are making triumphant debuts in the weeks leading up to Christmas with new films and series, and they are sure to win some massive viewership for the platform.

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The question is, why is the Walt Disney Company so interested in doing this so shortly before the big Hulu merger? While some might consider Bob Iger’s pull for more and more streaming to be more than a little misguided, incorporating so many family-friendly options might be a hail-mary attempt at appealing to the core demographic.

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Disney+ technically isn’t truly going anywhere, but blending the likes of Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Bluey on the same network where viewers can stumble upon American Horror Story, Fargo, and Rick and Morty might have some upsetting repercussions. Either way, it’s bound to divide the company’s already vocal fanbase.

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With that all in mind, that’s not to say the platform still isn’t capable of creating magical content. Subscribers will still have access to beloved favorites like The Mandalorian, a slew of NatGeo documentaries, and the entire library of Walt Disney Animation Studios. If anything, they are still gaining more than enough satisfying series, movies, and shows.

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