Marvel Goes Too Far, Mahershala Ali’s ‘Blade’ Aims to Create A Bolder MCU

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Mahershala Ali with Kevin Feige when Blade was announced

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After being announced so long ago, Blade (2024) is just one of those characters that Marvel has struggled to bring into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the reboot might have found a way to change the franchise in a bold new way.

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Kevin Feige’s MCU has touched several different corners of the Marvel universe. With the Guardians of the Galaxy, fans got to see the cosmic side of the MCU. With Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, fans got to encounter the magical elements and with Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, fans got to see the potential of the supernatural side of the MCU. It’s obvious that Marvel can do so much with all these different characters, but it’s hard to know when one story will connect to another in the big picture.

Moon Knight doesn’t tell a story that connects to many franchises and that’s okay, but with the story being told in the Multiverse Saga, it’s hard to know what to watch when there are so many MCU projects being released. Back then, every movie had some sort of connection to the Infinity Saga, which led to fans watching the movies just to stay caught up on what might happen behind the scenes of the big movies like the Avengers movies, which helped set up the big moments of the MCU.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t working for the Multiverse Saga, with most fans not caring or wanting to watch most of the movies/shows after Avengers: Endgame (2019). After the Avengers bested Thanos, that was it for fans, and while it makes sense for some, those who stayed to continue seeing what happens next have been met with many disappointing projects.

Marvel’s inconsistent track record with haphazard CGI and poor storytelling has led Marvel Studios to reconsider their options. They have axed Daredevil: Born Again to start the project from scratch and have decided to reboot their television all in the hopes of creating better projects, but Blade has faced several major changes over the years. Filming never started for the movie as the script and director had to change a few times.

Blade fighting vampires
Credit: Marvel Comics

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Mahershala Ali, the star of the movie, reportedly almost walked out of the project after seeing a script he despised. Marvel has worked to change the story by hiring a new writer that shows promise. The story for Blade is still under wraps, with some fans thinking that Dracula might be the main villain for the movie, with Blade tracking down other vampires to kill.

According to Variety’s report on the MCU overall, Blade’s budget will also drastically differ from the typical MCU movie, with reportedly a 100 million budget. If this is true, the movie won’t be able to afford a lengthy CGI battle in the 3rd act because those tend to be quite costly for Marvel Studios. It’s clearly possible to tell an amazing story with that type of budget, but fans might not realize what this could mean for the franchise.

Blade screaming as he rushes in with swords
Credit: Marvel Comics

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If Kevin Feige and co. really believe in Blade, then it could be the start of a new wave of MCU movies that won’t stick to the traditional formula of creating big CGI fights just to have them. When the budget is so big, executives and directors can do so much more, and sometimes, that makes the story worse because Marvel doesn’t use the money wisely.

Blade also can’t have last-minute changes to the script and have the VFX team scrap scenes from scratch without over-exceeding their budget, leaving Marvel to potentially go all in on having smaller budgets and ensuring their projects don’t waste any assets. Fans have been tired of large MCU budgets that have led to abysmal projects because more money doesn’t mean that the story is going to be good.

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