Disneyland Guests Warned to “Stay Inside,” Dangerous Weather Advisory in Effect

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The iconic Disneyland Railroad train station is seen with a classic red train at the platform, adorned with red, white, and blue bunting. The building is surrounded by well-maintained landscaping, flowers, and trees, with blue skies and a flag atop the roof.

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It is rare that guests visiting Disneyland are ever told to not show up to the theme park, but in this case that is the suggestion that is being made due to ongoing weather issues which are posing to be a serious and dangerous threat.

A wide shot of the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park in California.
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Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, is a magical destination that offers a plethora of enchanting experiences for visitors of all ages. As you step through the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, you’ll find yourself in a realm of imagination and wonder. Classic attractions like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean beckon thrill-seekers, while families can embark on whimsical journeys through Fantasyland, meeting beloved characters and exploring enchanting castles. Adventure-seekers can navigate the treacherous waters of the Jungle Cruise or plummet down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland.

Jungle Cruise Disneyland
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But Disneyland is not just about rides; it’s a place for entertainment and spectacle. The parades, such as the by-gone magical Main Street Electrical Parade, and the nighttime spectaculars like Fantasmic! (currently closed) bring the park to life in vibrant, dazzling displays. The park also hosts character meet-and-greets, allowing guests to interact with their favorite Disney princesses, superheroes, and other beloved characters like the iconic Mickey Mouse.

Adjacent to Disneyland, Disney California Adventure provides a different yet equally captivating experience. Here, you can traverse the iconic Pixar Pier, featuring thrilling rides like the Incredicoaster and the Pixar Pal-A-Round with swinging gondolas.

For a taste of California’s diverse landscapes, head to Cars Land, where you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the animated world of Radiator Springs from Disney Pixar’s Cars. The Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! ride offers an exhilarating adventure for Marvel fans, with an entire Avengers Campus available to guests.

Mickey's Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster on Pixar Pier at Disneyland Resort's California Adventure
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Foodies will appreciate the diverse culinary offerings throughout the park, from the delectable treats on Buena Vista Street, and at night World of Color — ONE will stun guests.

Overall, Disneyland is meant to be the happiest place on earth, but after recent events, it appears that warnings have been revealed to stay away.

At the moment, Anaheim is under a high-wind advisory. With this extreme wind comes dangerous conditions, including the spread of hazardous air quality.

If you’ve experienced California, you’re likely familiar with the notably dry air, particularly in contrast to the humid climate of Walt Disney World. Given California’s proximity to the desert state, residents often contend with challenges like the Santa Ana Winds. This weather phenomenon in southern California involves strong, hot winds laden with dust that descend to the Pacific Coast from inland desert regions around Los Angeles. Wildfires and urban air pollution also contribute to less than satisfactory air quality conditions.

Turnstiles at the entrance of Disneyland Park
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These conditions can pose difficulties for breathing as dust and dirt whip through the air, impacting air quality. Now, California faces yet another air quality concern that requires attention.

Yesterday, we reported that “Multiple guests are injured following an incident at the Disneyland Resort. A light post collapsed and fell onto multiple guests visiting the Disneyland Resort Monday morning. The incident was documented on several Disney theme park blogs, as well as on social media.”

“A light pole just fell and hit two people lined up to take pictures at the Christmas tree,” stated one eyewitness. “We were right behind the two ladies that were hit. We had to jump out of the way. I pray the ladies are okay.” It appears cast members had to quickly call 911 for assistance. While it was not made clear why the pole fell, and if the guests are ok, there has been a lot of discussion regarding this tragedy online.

Crowds packed in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park.
Credit: Inside the Magic

Online, many were stating that it is not a safe time to visit the parks. One Disney fan wrote, “Today definitely doesn’t feel like a safe day to go to the parks. High wind warnings according to National Weather Service, 30-40mph with gusts up to 75mph. Was commuting and the traffic lights were swaying more than I’ve ever seen them.”

Another said, “I went to an appointment this morning thinking I might go to the park after. NOPE, too windy. Will pick another day.”

One guest confirmed, “There’s also an air quality warning near the parks that folks should remain indoors”. While the discussion of weather is being related to the injury that occurred yesterday at Disneyland, it cannot be certain that that is what caused the light fixture to fall on the head of a guest. Many do believe that Disney will reach a settlement with the guests in an attempt to not have this go to trial.

What is certain is that overall, there are warnings for Anaheim locals to stay indoors at the moment, due to these hazardous weather advisories. 

A picture of Main Street, U.S.A., showing a lull in Disneyland crowds.
Credit: Inside the Magic

With Thanksgiving just days away, a popular time for guests to go and visit Disneyland, we hope to see this weather advisory lifted soon. While professionals are advising against leaving the home, Disneyland is still fully open to guests. In the past, we have seen Disneyland shut down early due to hurricane Hilary earlier this year, however, hurricanes are less common in California, and therefore, something they are less equipped to deal with, while air pollution and high winds are very typical. 

Would you visit Disneyland during a weather advisory? 

Are you looking to visit Disneyland? Considering Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, is the first ever theme park, and the only one that Walt Disney himself was able to walk through, it holds a magical spot in all of our Disney-loving hearts. Seeing Sleeping Beauty Castle is a picture-perfect moment; there is so much to do! When it comes to attractions, Guests can enjoy the spooky adventures in The Haunted Mansion during the year and Haunted Mansion Holiday (featuring the characters from Nightmare Before Christmas) during the holiday season. Pirates of the Caribbean will take you on a swashbuckling journey, and Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain provide thrills like no other. Classic rides like Matterhorn Bobsleds, Storybook Land Canal Boats, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Snow White’s Enchanted Wish are a must, and dining is excellent with stand-out locations like Blue Bayou and Carnation Cafe. Want to start booking so you can see Mickey Mouse in his home in Toontown? The Disneyland website has everything you need to know about the Disneyland app, hotels, tickets, and the Disney Genie+ service. Click here to check it out. 


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