Disneyland Guests Asked to “Evacuate”, Park Shut Down Imminent

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Should you be steering clear of Disneyland with the impending hurricane zooming in? Let’s take a look at Hurricane Hilary.

When you think of hurricanes and Disney, you tend to think of Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort. In Florida, one thing that is unfortunate about the state is that it is prone to hurricanes. When Guests visit Disney World in the summer, especially from July to September, it will likely rain every day, which is not a huge deal as the storms in Florida leave as quickly as they appear. However, if you are in Disney World during a hurricane, the weather may not be what you expected for a theme park day.

hurricane dorian
Credit: NOAA

Disney World has only had to close six times due to hurricanes since opening in 1971. Below is a list of each hurricane closure recorded since Disney World opened:

  • Hurricane Floyd – 1999
  • Hurricane Charlie – 2004
  • Hurricane Francis – 2004
  • Hurricane Jeanne – 2004
  • Hurricane Matthew – 2016
  • Hurricane Irma – 2017
  • Hurricane Dorian – 2019

Disneyland, however, has never shut down — but there is a first for everything.

As reported by NBC, “The first tropical threat to the U.S. this season isn’t on the East Coast or in the Gulf of Mexico — it’s in Southern California. Tropical Storm Hilary formed Wednesday morning along Mexico’s western coast and is forecast to bring intense rain to Southern California early next week. If it makes landfall, it would become only the fourth storm of at least tropical storm strength to hit the area.”

Hurricane hilary forcast, Disneyland
Credit: NBC

The publication continued to expand on how the hurricane will get worse overtime, “Conditions are favorable for Hilary to increase in intensity over the next two to three days. The National Hurricane Center forecasts the storm’s peak intensity Saturday morning as a Category 3 hurricane with 120 mph winds. The storm is expected to weaken soon after that due to cooler ocean temperatures and potential land interaction with Mexico’s Baja, just south of California. By Sunday, heavy rainfall is expected to reach Southern California and southwest Arizona.”

Considering rainfall is incredibly rare in California, these hurricane-level rains that will be coming in will surely have the majority of folks staying indoors. With Disneyland located in Anaheim, California, it is on track to be hit with Hilary, and may have to shut down for Guest safety depending on the severity of the storm.

The Reactions

As we mentioned, having a hurricane come to Disneyland is not at all common, so this tropical storm that is only going to stregthen is causing concern and panic among residents in the Los Angeles area.

We are seeing some ask residents to evacuate. Truthpole (@truthpole) said, “Hurricane Hillary is on its way to San Diego and possibly to Los Angeles, inform your loved ones and keep them updated and get them to evacuate if possible. 🙏”

We are seeing news anchors everywhere discuss the that Hurricane Hilary is incoming to California. Clemeen Connolly said, “Hurricane Hilary barrels towards California…..”

Others like Justin Buchinsky are sharing that the chance of a major hurricane is likely, “Hurricane #Hilary is looking healthy this morning. Microwave imagery shows a developing eyewall. As this closes the storm will be able to take advantage of its environment and rapidly intensity, as shown by astonishing SHIPS RI probs of 100%. A major hurricane is likely. #cawx”

We are also starting to see residents like Mike begin to prepare for the worst, “California people from Santa Barbara to San Diego, I am going to buy batteries and stuff for storm on Sunday through Monday. Wind and floods are expected. Be prepared. #HurricaneHilary”

At the moment, we are not sure what stance or reaction the Disneyland Resort is having.

Upcoming Hurricanes at Disney World

Recently, we reported that one time traveler is expecting the worst hurricane in recorded history to hit Walt Disney World Resort this fall. One TikTok from Radiant Time Traveler has gone viral predicting that a horrific Category 6 hurricane will hit Florida on September 6, 2023. See it here.

If you are wondering how valid this TikTok is, a Category 6 hurricane does not even exist. The Saffir-Simpson Scale, which measures storm securities, only goes up to Category 5. Many viewers are commenting that this is a hoax and that the predicted hurricane will not actually happen, and Floridan and the South Carolina’s will be perfectly safe. That being said, content like this can stir panic and fear in those who are unaware that this is inaccurate.

A group of people walking under the rain at Disney
Credit: GREGG NEWTON/AFP/Getty Images

Luckily, if you do find yourself at Disney World during a hurricane, you are likely to be quite safe.

Walt Disney World Resort as a whole is actually one of the safest places to be if you ever find yourself in Central Florida during a hurricane. Disney World Resorts are all built to withstand any storm and have backup power supplies to ensure that Guests are always feeling immersed in the magic of the resort’s theme, and not thinking about the terrible weather outside.

Hurricane Ian Tuesday 12 p.m. path
Credit: The Weather Channel

They do this so well that many locals even book a stay at a Disney Resort when they know a bad hurricane is on the way. So, if you are visiting Disney World during hurricane season, rest assured that your Disney Resort hotel will keep you safe and warm if any bad storms hit Orlando during your trip.

Have you ever been to Disney during a hurricane? Let us know! 

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