Adult Resort Gains Support, Disney Is Listening

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A group of young adults pose in front of the entrance to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT during an After Hours event

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The term “Disney Adults” might be something of a touchy subject in some circles, but that doesn’t mean their numbers aren’t growing. As the fanbase continues to dream and demand more adult-only experiences at the Disney Parks, the company might actually be leading things in that direction.

Two Disney Adults dining at Topolino's
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That’s not to say Disney hasn’t ventured down a more mature avenue before, but the adult audience who regularly make a habit of visiting the parks on a regular basis is steadily increasing. Whether that’s through nostalgia or a genuine devotion to all things under the mouse, the prime consumer of the Walt Disney Company is evolving.

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As places like Disneyland, the Walt Disney World Resort, and other Disney Parks gain more and more grown-up audiences, the desire for more adult-centric venues continues to expand. Naturally, it didn’t take long for the fanbase to form a united front.

Disney Adults Want Their Space

Disney Adults at Disneyland Resort with Mickey Mouse
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r/WaltDisneyWorld is a public Reddit forum where Disney buffs share their trip plans, thoughts, and critiques on everything surrounding the place where dreams come true. Taken at face value, this is already a spawning ground for Disney Adults, discussion, and discord, but a recent post brings up an excellent point.

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The question was asked as to how likely most adult fans would stay at an official Disney resort meant strictly for them. Not in the sense that it would be anything R-rated, but that it would offer a place away from the younger crowds for “Adults who like visiting Disney parks, but also prefer peace, quiet, and a more sophisticated/mature resort experience exist.”

Exterior of Pop Century hotel at nighttime
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u/CaptainLittleFish writes,

“I would love it!! Was just at pop century and thinking about this! They play poolside games and obviously no adults join cause it’s for the kids even though they say you can. I feel like if you go without kids you are losing some inherent value but it would be fun if it was adults only and getting into Hula hooping contests and stuff wasn’t weird cause everyone’s an adult. Also, I would love that there would maybe be better late-night food options even if you’re not drunk it would be nice to get home from the parks at 12 and be able to order a pizza.”

Further down, u/Kelsier25 replies with the following,

“Very likely. Every third Disney trip my wife and I do without the kids, and it’s a whole different vibe. The appeal wouldn’t be from escaping kids like many of the comments here seem to think. I don’t mind being around kids at all – tbh, it’s usually the parents that **** me off. The appeal, for me, is in the potential for additional adult-focused content. As much as I love Disney theming, I do feel like it would be nice to occasionally have a break from everything having to be 100% family friendly.”

And u/New-Nefariousness837 offers a much more realistic response when they write how adults can be just as much of a problem as unruly kids.

“So, a resort for adults would be interesting to me. I’d like to think it may be quieter, but I doubt it. We were at the Swan in Sept, while a real estate convention was going on. We went to the MK Halloween party and came back on a Boardwalk bus. As we were walking back to the Swan, we passed two different groups of very drunk folks. The first group was just loud and obnoxious. The 2nd group verbally assaulted us for not looking happy and how we looked miserable. It was nearly 1am, and we just wanted to get to our bed. We put our heads down and kept walking.”

Grand Floridian Resort, exterior aerial shot
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Many also recommend places like the Grand Floridian, Swan and Dolphin, or Coronado Springs. Still, despite their quietness and atmosphere, those resorts don’t exactly offer the same amount of Disney magic as some of the others. The reason people stay in Disney resorts is because they want to experience that magic from sun up to sundown, in and out of the parks.

New Opportunities for a Disney Adult

Mickey and Minnie in front of a Disney Cruise ship
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What might surprise some is that Disney is already subtly putting things in motion for more adult spaces, starting with their newest cruise ship. The Disney Treasure is one of Disney’s biggest and most enchanting ships, but it also offers more onboard experiences catered to adult guests.

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Although they’ve not made a direct statement, the Treasure is the smoking gun of Disney’s shift towards attracting more adults. The company is practically doubling down on its efforts to cater to a Disney Adult clientele, so how long will it be until grown-up guests get their own resort?

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We are already seeing Disney go forward in bringing back certain classic experiences and even making bars and other adult venues inspired by some of their iconic rides like the Haunted Mansion. They aren’t shortchanging kids by any means, but their shift toward the growing horde of Disney Adults is gaining more traction each day.

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