Disney Fans Don’t Want Merch, They Want Nostalgia

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After recent reports about Disney merchandise (specifically DVDs) being in demand, it begs the question of why every second-hand store has apparently endless merch from the Walt Disney Company. If there truly was a demand for Disney DVDs, would the production actually have ceased?

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Disney Merchandise: Popular or Nostalgic?

This stems from Disney bidding adieu to hard copies of its IP. Recent notes from Disney reporter @ScottGustin say, “Remember when Disney was working on ways to buy merchandise directly in Disney+? As it turns out … the merch we wanted was DVDs.”

This implies that there is some compelling evidence that tactile Walt Disney Company goods have value. It suggests that fans don’t want digital, harkening to a day when one could fix a cassette tape with a pencil.

Yet this is neither practical nor realistic. Take ten minutes in a second-hand store or thrift shop and you can see, with clarity, how little Disney merchandise is appreciated by the masses.

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Scratches, Cracks, and Evolving Disney Technology

Per a report from ABC 7 news, there is a special thrift shop that calls Disney fans with its unique and vintage Walt Disney merchandise. Anyone who’s visited a Disney store knows that a gift card only goes so far.

Whether it’s at Disneyland Resort, Magic Kingdom, or Walt Disney World, there is Disney merchandise everywhere. So why is everyone concerned about DVDs? They scratch, crack, and skip. No amount of toothpaste life hacks can bring this Disneyland Resort merch back to life.

Instead, the tech revolution means that Walt Disney World Resort merch, along with its IP and methods of distribution, adapts. As a corollary, it means saying goodbye to the plastic gift card and hello to a digital version.

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Why Fans Needn’t Worry About Disney Merch

Anywhere you go, whether a branded Disney store at a theme park or looking at a Target for Toy Story merch, Walt Disney is there. From dollar stores to thrift shops, there are plenty of DVDs, VHS copies, and other Disney Park merch to be had.

Rather than creating new copies, it makes a proverbial scavenger hunt of finding vintage Disney store merchandise. It’s out there, available, and waiting. What’s more magical than that?

How do you feel about Disney merchandise? Over-rated or invaluable? Make your mark below!

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