Robert Downey Jr. Is DC’s New Batman

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Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man

Credit: Marvel Studios

Studios often struggle to land the perfect actors to portray superheroes, with fans raiding the internet with this displeasure when casting choices are announced. That was certainly not the case when Robert Downey Jr. became Iron Man. Though fans had hoped he would return to that role, he will now jump to DC, as he has been transformed into DC’s new Batman.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Though Downey Jr. became Marvel’s quintessential perfect cast actor, he was on the outs with most Hollywood in the early 2000s. The man struggled with drug addiction and arrests throughout most of his career, and it was a miracle that Jon Favreau landed him in the coveted role of Tony Stark. It wasn’t enough that he looked identical to the comic character but his swagger and demeanor perfectly fit the role.

The reports were that Marvel brass was not convinced that Robert Downey Jr. would be the right person, which we imagine stemmed from his years of trouble with the law. Thankfully, he stayed in the role, which led to the creation of the MCU. Iron Man became a culturally significant film within the confines of the Nation Fim Registry in the Library of Congress. It is deemed of historical or artistic significance and is honored and preserved for future generations.

Iron Man was also instrumental in relaunching the career of Downey, who has gone on to star in Sherlock Holmes (2009), The Judge (2014), and most recently, Oppenheimer, which could lead to his first Academy Award win.

To add to his illustrious career, Robert Downey Jr. has now been given the role of DC’s new Batman.

Robert Downey Jr. Transformed into DC’s New Batman


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Per the Instagram account of the_ai_dreams, a fan account dedicated to using AI to transform actors into roles of all kinds, Robert Downey Jr. has swapped roles with Ben Affleck. Downey is Batman, while Affleck takes on the role of Iron Man. To be honest, we think Downey could pull this off completely. The same can’t be said for Affleck.

This is nothing against Ben Affleck, but he has an innate ability to play the brooding and downtrodden character that would be perfect only for Bruce Wayne. We cannot see him attempting to capture the sarcastic nature and swagger it would take to portray Tony Stark.

On the opposite side, Robert Downey Jr. would be perfect as Bruce Wayne. He could easily step into the role of a more seasoned Batman who has been beaten down by loss and strife. Downey has proven through many roles that he can play a man who has his back against the wall, though he always tries to do the right thing, no matter the cost.

Fans have been begging for Downey to return to the world of superheroes, and his recent bald haircut led many to believe that he was to be considered for the role of Lex Luthor in the new DCU. Though that would be an incredible role for him, we would love to see him become Batman in James Gunn’s The Brave and the Bold movie.

The premise of the new Batman film is to showcase an older Bruce Wayne as he tackles Gotham with his son Damian. Damian Wayne is a newer character in the comics who becomes Robin and is the child of Wayne and Talia al Ghul. This new film will also serve as the introduction of the DCU Batman. The Matt Reeves trilogy is considered DC’s Elseworlds and has nothing to do with the overarching story that Gunn is creating.

Ben Affleck as Batman
Credit: DC/Warner Bros.

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Robert Downey Jr. would be incredible as an older Bruce Wayne, which could also lead to the coveted and long-awaited Batman Beyond story. We hope that could happen and even more that Downey could be considered for the role.

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