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Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Blabble blabbery

    This website is by far the saddest thing on the internet. You have papparazzi and then this site. Robert Downey Jr. is the next Batman…and next up, POTUS is the next daytime kid’s show host, says the daughter of a guy who walked by a man claiming to know the cashier who checked out a guy with an American flag pin on their keychain. And then you require a website in order to post a comment? And the required text reads ‘We
    bsi Email*
    If I could pet your head, I would.

  2. Shan Anana

    Flat salad.

  3. Frontline Flea Preventative

    Where’s the comments? You won’t even post them. So sad.

  4. Robert


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