Disney Guests Debate Need for Age Limit for Parks

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Family enjoying BoardWalk at Disney World

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One of the main hurdles for children visiting a theme park can be meeting the height requirements for various rides during their visit. While many rides have no required height for passengers, many do and it can be alarming to some to watch as a parent attempts to “sneak on” a smaller child onto a ride that is clearly not designed for them. 

Over the years, parents have also tried to “hack” these rides, including putting their kids into boosted shoes in order to help them meet the height requirements. Sometimes, these parents post their attempts to TikTok or other social media platforms, and other times they’re caught directly by Disney cast members.

height requirement for seven dwarfs mine train
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On reddit user u/Foreveryoursnotever asked the Disneyland subreddit about a mother bringing their newborn onto the Haunted Mansion ride. “I was in line for haunted Mansion around 10-10:30pm and a woman with a newborn was in front of me as well as her husband and 3 kids, do they allow newborns on the ride? I was very confused,” the post stated.

In fact, Haunted Mansion is currently one of the few rides at the Disney park that don’t have a height requirement, which is why it’s such a popular ride for guests of all ages. The comments under the post where quick to inform the guest of this. User u/klughn responded with, “Yes, I think you can bring newborns on it since there’s no height requirement. I took my kid on pirates when she was 3 months, and she was just asleep and strapped to my husbands chest the whole time.” Most comments agreed and shared their own stories of bringing their own infants to the parks or recall attending the parks as infants themselves.

Three children - two dresses as Disney Princesses and one as a Disney Princess- in the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique which was modified to better fit the new Disney World gender neutral guidelines.
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There were some concerns brought up in the comments about the appropriateness of bringing toddlers and younger kids to the parks. “I’d be so afraid of the germs with a newborn who doesn’t have a full immune system yet. RSV, Covid, flu… babies have a hard time surviving the things people bring to the Parks. And I’ve unfortunately noticed far more sick people showing up (not chronically ill, productive coughing and such) than I’ve ever seen before,” said user u/CocklesTurnip. u/babyflower81 added “I personally would not bring a newborn to one of the biggest germ cornucopias in the world, but that’s just me…”

There has been much debate on social media and in Disney fan spaces about the pros and cons of bringing younger children to the parks. For some, it’s more about making memories as a family and enjoying watching their children interact with everything even if the children don’t remember it, especially since Disney “is for children.” For others, it isn’t worth the hassle and stress of bringing newborns and younger children if they won’t remember the experience, preferring to wait until everyone is older, citing that Disney “is for everyone,” including adults.

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Inside the Magic has covered several of these arguments, including debates on whether or not Disney should impose age restrictions or start offering “adult only” days or events. Unfortunately, the topic of bringing young kids can be a heated debate. At the end of the day, Disney currently has no regulations on age admission into the parks, and the rides that require a certain height or weight are clearly marked and well patrolled. As Walt himself once said, Disney is for the young, and the “young in heart.”

What do you think about bringing a newborn to Disney? Do you think there should be an age limit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

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