Disney Adults Ruin Disneyland for Children

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Disney Adults at Disneyland Resort with Mickey Mouse

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Disney Adults are some of the most popular online punching bags. Though Walt Disney built Disneyland Resort to entertain all ages, some believe that only children and their parents should enjoy Disney movies, Disney Parks, and other magical experiences.

One couple was the target of online abuse after their proposal went wrong at Disneyland Paris. Another adult Disney fan was relentlessly harassed for crying during a Goofy meet & greet after her father passed away. A viral meme mocks guests for becoming emotional at their first sight of Cinderella Castle.

The Mickey and Walt statue in front of Cinderella's Castle inside Disney's Magic Kingdom
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But this week, the tables turned. A disappointed mother said two grown-up Disney fans targeted her children for acting enthusiastically at Disneyland Resort.

Reddit user u/matarqadeem recently recalled visiting Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and Downtown Disney with her three young children. While waiting in line for Peter Pan’s Flight, the kids excitedly asked questions about the ride. But two nearby guests weren’t amused.

“They have never been on this ride before, and were so excited and asking a million questions about what the ride would be like, was it scary, did it move fast, etc.,” the mother wrote. “In front of us was a grumpy Disney adult couple. Every time one of my kids spoke, they would sigh. Loudly. Like it was the worst thing in the world to listen to excited children in Fantasyland.”

Wendy and her siblings fly with pixie dust on peter pan's flight
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The parent argued that while she, too, was frustrated when kids misbehaved at Disneyland Resort without punishment, her children’s only crime was being too happy.

“I promise you I am not one of ‘those moms’ scrolling on my phone while my children yank on chains or climb the walls or punch each other in lines,” she said. “I was engaged and happy for them, answered their questions, told them more about the movie (which they hadn’t seen- they were scared of Captain Hook from Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Jr, so the movie definitely was too much for them at that time).”

Wendy, Peter, John, and Michael steer a pirate ship on Peter Pan's Flight.
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But she didn’t let it ruin their Disney Park visit. Instead, the mother tried to make it a positive learning experience for both the Disney Adults and her children.

“The couple continued to huff and puff and give me death glares, and I continued to talk to my kids and made sure to reference multiple times how exciting it was that my kiddos felt the magic of the morning,” she concluded.

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