Travis Scott Doesn’t Care, Wants to Join Doomed MCU Reboot

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Travis Scott and Kevin Feige with the Avengers in the background

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Beloved rapper, Travis Scott wants to join the MCU even if its for a reboot that has been plagued with dozens of issues.

kylie jenner (right) and travis scott (left) on red carpet
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Marvel Studios has been trying to make some serious changes to the MCU. Instead of relying on characters like Iron Man and Captain America, fans have seen the franchise bring in more obscure and peculiar characters like Moon Knight and America Chavez as the MCU grows. It’s clear that the MCU can’t rely on technology and geniuses to carry the franchise, so more projects have started focusing on magic and supernatural elements.

Werewolf by Night was a great example of how the MCU has embraced the supernatural. The MCU special is a fan-favorite because it focuses on a simple story and proves that Marvel can do horror. With a family-friendly audience, Marvel has started to test their limits with more projects dedicated to older ages that kids might not get to see, and while this is great, it’s clear that Marvel is still catering to families more so than die-hard fans.

Mahershala Ali with Kevin Feige when Blade was announced
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Regarding Mahershala Ali’s Blade reboot, fans hope the vampire hunter will get his hands bloody in the movie, but the film has been in a rough state. After acquiring new directors and writers, Blade hasn’t made any real progress toward filming, with Kevin Feige reportedly upset over the previous script. It’s a movie dedicated to exploring the supernatural in a new way, and Blade is something that Travis Scott is interested in working on. In a recent X/tweet, the rapper shared how he would love to compose the music for the MCU movie:

Woke up thinking I would love to do the soundtrack to Blade

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If Marvel works with Travis Scott, it won’t be anytime soon. With the strikes, Blade can’t make any progress and will likely see another set of delays before fans finally see the movie, leaving fans unsure if the final product will be worth the wait. Fans are hoping that Blade will be going after Dracula, and some fans have already fan casted who they think should star as the iconic villain, but Marvel will need to go all in on Blade because it would be a shame for someone like Blade to show up in the MCU and not do anything more with Marvel’s supernatural characters.

For years, fans have been asking for the Midnights Sons to happen, which is a super hero team working together to stop supernatural threats, and it would make sense for the project to happen in the near future with all of the recent additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As of right now, Blade is scheduled to release on February 14, 2025.

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