Fans Are Disgusted, Brie Larson and Chris Evans End Up In Disturbing MCU Post

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Captain Marvel, Captain America, Winter Soldier and Thor with The Marvels backdrop

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Marvel fans can’t believe what Marvel Studios just posted using Brie Larson and Chris Evans to support their claim. It’s definitely not going to stay up for much longer.

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Sometimes, Marvel just doesn’t give fans what they want. With so many projects in the works, not every project can please fans. Some of the MCU movies just don’t impress people, and that’s fine because Marvel has something for everyone. It’s the projects that don’t please anyone that are worrisome, and unfortunately, Marvel is starting to have more projects that just aren’t cutting it.

With the VFX issues and constant delays, fans are having a hard time looking forward to new projects, but one of the other major things to worry about is that Marvel sometimes makes content that is just wrong. Today, fans noticed one of Marvel’s foreign accounts on X/Twitter, did something with good intentions that just didn’t translate well.

Chris Evans on a 2012 Harley-Davidson Softtail Slim in The Avengers
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel India posted a post with Brie Larson‘s Captain Marvel, Captain America (Chris Evans), Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) with a terrible caption. The post says, “proof: ‘age is just a number:”

Proof: “Age is just a number”

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While this post was just trying to have fun with how odd some of the character’s ages are, it really highlighted a terrible phrase. Fans are not a big fan of some of the age gaps in relationships which is where this phrase comes up. Those who are fine dating someone decades older than them don’t see age as a problem, but Marvel fans see this post and immediately start calling out the account to rephrase their post:

Bro you may wanna rephrase that

What did you just say

That sounds really weird

Umm…I don’t think they thought that line through

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With characters under 18 like Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel and Cassie Lang, it’s clear that Marvel can’t just say this phrase because it does matter. It also doesn’t really speak to some values that families cherish because some parents don’t want their kids to expect these types of relationships to be normal. It’s already a controversial topic for a lot of people, so Marvel definitely missed the mark with this post, and it’s a shame they had to put Brie Larson and Chris Evans’s face to represent it.

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