‘Ms. Marvel’ Star, Iman Vellani, to Lead Next Marvel Project

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Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan

Credit: Marvel Studios

The star of the upcoming The Marvels film, Iman Vellani, is a self-proclaimed Marvel super fan that tweeted her way to get an audition for the Ms. Marvel TV series on Disney+. Her tenacity and enthusiasm led to her securing the role of the inexperienced, yet endearing hero, Kamala Khan. While Ms. Marvel was met with mixed reviews by fans and critics, Vellani’s performance was one of the best aspects of the show. Her passion for superheroes is being recognized by Marvel once again as she will co-write the new Ms. Marvel comic series with Ms. Marvel TV writer, Sabir Pirzada.

Comic book Ms. Marvel next to Ms. Marvel in the MCU
Credit: Marvel

Iman Vellani expressed that co-writing this comic was way scarier than joining the MCU for her. She stated that the MCU projects feel like they exist in their own dimension to the point where she can separate herself from it. Vellani divulged that she has never written anything before in her entire life, but has been an avid reader of numerous comics. Therefore, she wrote what she wanted to read as a Marvel fan. She confessed that she essentially used this professional platform to write her own fan fiction.

The new comic series will be titled as “Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant.” This comic iteration, like her MCU variant, is now officially a mutant. This transformation takes place due to the events of the previous Ms. Marvel run.

Credit: Marvel Comics


Ms. Marvel bravely surrendered her own life to save the world in “Amazing Spider-Man #26” this year. The death of any popular Marvel hero becomes a must-read event that features special edition covers and artwork. Yet, death is rarely permanent in the comic book world as characters are either resurrected or writers change the timeline of the Multiverse. Kamala is no exception as her popularity with readers would not be able to keep her adventures off the shelves indefinitely.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The original comic version of Kamala Khan was created by G. Willow Wilson, Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie in 2013. Most avid readers can recall that Ms. Marvel was known as an ‘Inhuman’ that obtained her powers from exposure to an alien vapor called ‘Terrigen Mist’ that unlocked her latent superhuman genetics.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Vellani elaborated that Kamala’s newfound mutant status will not replace her Inhuman origins, but the metamorphosis will provide her a new identity that she must grapple with in the series. The character is not a retcon of the cherished heroine and will still reflect the major themes connected to her character. Plus, it will be an easy transition for MCU fans that want to ease into reading a Marvel Comic.

Do you think MCU fans will pick up this comic series? Do you think Marvel readers will take to the new Kamala?

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