‘The Marvels’ Will Finally Give This Superhero a Proper Introduction

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Monica Rambeau the Marvels

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We’re mere months away from the release of The Marvels (2023), the next installment in the MCU’s Phase Five. Starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, and Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, the movie will see this unlikely trio teaming up for an epic Multiversal adventure—and will finally give a much-needed introduction to one of its titular heroes.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel confused about how she is in Ms. Marvel's room in the Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels
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The Marvels, the highly-anticipated sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel, is currently gearing up for its fall 2023 premiere. While not much is known about the actual story, fans were given a first look at the new movie in a recent trailer, which teased the film’s central conflict, the characters’ unique transformative powers, and the inclusion of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

Check out the official teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ The Marvels below:

Based on this footage, audiences can expect an adventure of—literally—cosmic proportions. Kamala seemingly swaps places with Carol, as seen in the finale of the Disney+ Ms. Marvel show. At the same time, Captain Monica Rambeau, who’s working as an astronaut for Saber Space Station alongside Nick Fury, hits a jump point in the space continuum and morphs into Ms. Marvel.

Fans know quite a bit about Larson’s Captain Marvel, who’s popped up in various MCU installments over the years on top of her 2019 solo film, and Vellani’s Ms. Marvel, whose origin story was detailed in the Ms. Marvel miniseries, which debuted on Disney+ last year. 

Iman Vellani as Ms. MarvelCredit: Marvel Studios But the third point in the Marvels triangle is Parris’ Monica Rambeau, who remains somewhat of a mystery compared to her superpowered counterparts.

First introduced in the 2019 Disney+ series WandaVision, Monica made her franchise debut as a SWORD agent investigating the strange Westview anomaly alongside James “Jimmy” Woo (Randall Park). In the process, Monica gained superpowers after walking through Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) magic dome. Still, the series only gave audiences a glimpse at her capabilities, setting up a more prominent role for her in The Marvels.

Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) in 'Wandavision' 2021
Credit: Marvel Studios

She also has a unique connection to Carol, which will undoubtedly be explored in the upcoming film. Monica is the daughter of Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch), one of the few women serving as an Air Force lieutenant alongside Carol in Captain Marvel.

Until now, Monica’s superhero alias remained unknown. But now, we might’ve finally gotten her official Marvel nickname: “Marvel’s Photon.”

This news comes with the release of a new Hasboro/Marvel Legends figure for The Marvels, showing Parris’ take on the character, complete with a sleek new comic-accurate superhero suit.

The Marvels figures
Credit: Hasbro / Marvel

The new figure comes with the description, “Monica Rambeau’s life changed forever at Westview, where her exposure to reality-altering energy imbued her with the power to perceive and manipulate all energy along the electromagnetic spectrum.”

It’s certainly taken Marvel long enough to give Monica a proper superhero moniker, but strangely enough, this isn’t the first nickname the character’s been given. While this piece of official merchandise labels Monica as Photon, a Marvel-licensed Little Golden Books entry titled Meet the Marvels called Teyonah Parris’ hero by the name of “Spectrum” instead.

Monica Rambeau (teyonah parris) The Marvels
Credit: Marvel Studios

While small inconsistencies like this in official promotional merchandise aren’t too surprising, it’ll be interesting to see which one Monica will go by in The Marvels. The hero has used both in the comics, so either would be an appropriate choice—but who knows? Maybe she’ll switch between “Spectrum” and “Photon” or just bypass the whole “superhero nickname” thing altogether.

The Marvels arrives in theaters on November 10, 2023.

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