Marvel Is Officially Retiring Nick Fury

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Nick Fury confused to see Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel in The Marvels

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It is truly the end of an era, as Marvel is set to say goodbye to one of its oldest and most iconic characters: Nick Fury. The master of espionage will be given one final adventure before he flies off into the Multiverse.

Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson
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Nick Fury has been a staple in the comics since his introduction in 1963 in the Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos comic. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Fury was initially a soldier in WWII who led an elite unit in the U.S. Army. His personality and tenacity led to him becoming the Avengers’ defacto leader and a Marvel staple.

Naturally, Fury transcended being just a comic character when he was brought on the big screen in Iron Man. Though Samuel L. Jackson took on the persona of the new Nick Fury, it was equally as groundbreaking. He has become just as important a character on the pages of the comics as he has in the MCU.

Jackson’s portrayal of Fury has been intertwined in every phase of the MCU, though Phase 5 could be his last. The man is set to reprise his role for Secret Invasion, but he might finally give himself up for the betterment of humanity. Though we are unsure if Jackson’s Fury will continue, Marvel is officially retiring the original Nick Fury.

Original Nick Fury Leaves Comics Forever

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel might be cluing the world in on something, which is the original Nick Fury is no more. Though the original character has remained in the comics for over 60 years, he is taking his final bow in Fury #1. The upcoming comic will showcase the character being ushered into the “next life” by taking off into the endlessness of the Multiverse.

The comic will focus on one final mission where Fury helps his son, Nick Fury Jr., with one last mission to retrieve a Zodiac Key from Scorpio. Scorpio has been a long-time foe for Fury, so it makes sense she would be involved in his giant retirement. After Fury and his son successfully stop her, they have a heart-to-heart about life.

Nick Fury Sr. states that he is tired of playing “chess” by being the master of espionage he has been for so long. The tough decisions he has made through the years have left him wanting to help humanity, mainly because of the moral issues that have plagued his life. Those same decisions have certainly been echoed in the MCU as well.

Nick Fury saying the Samuel L. Jackson should play him
Credit: Marvel Comics

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Fury says goodbye to his son and reveals he will disappear into the Multiverse so that he may help those in need throughout the neverending cosmos. Marvel has officially retired the character, though his son says he believes he will see him again.

The original Fury leaving comics is quite sad, but it also indicates that the Samuel L. Jackson-based Fury might be the only one that matters now. Granted, Nick Fury Jr. is there too—so we may see him take on a much more active role as the leader of superheroes.

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