Disney World Expansion Puts Villain Park on Hold

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It was recently revealed that Disney World is moving “beyond big thunder” in an upcoming Magic Kingdom expansion. Billed as an addition the size of Pandora or Galaxy’s Edge, it’s going to take a whole lot of magic, man-hours, and Imagineering to make happen.

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As exciting as it is to see the Magic Kingdom continue to grow, there’s one red flag climbing the pole with this new announcement. If Disney is going to be dumping this much time and effort into a massive expansion for Frontierland, what will happen to the other Park-wide projects in the meantime?

Disney World Halts Villain Park

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While there has been no confirmation or denial from Disney itself, Disney Imagineering has expressed great interest in building a new land or Park inspired by the company’s greatest villains. While there’s plenty of evidence suggesting the interest is still present, this massive expansion might put things on ice.

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The Beyond Big Thunder project is still in its developmental stages, as is the supposed villain project, but something this size is bound to eat up a lot of Disney’s resources. One or the other might still happen, but it would take a serious amount of Disney Magic for both to coexist.

Oogie Boogie Bash
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In defense of Disney’s Villain Park project, the events leading up to it might have already been set in motion. As Disneyland kicks off its Oogie Boogie Bash with a whole slew of Meet and Greets with characters like Ernesto de la Cruz, Mad Madame Mim, and even the infamous Judge Doom.

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Villainous Meet and Greets would be one thing, but the fact Disney has gone so far into creating their own environments for the Trick or Treat Trail suggests that they’re meant for more than a seasonal event. After all, Disney never wastes any of their props and decor.

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Pair that with the fact that Disney seems to be taking a growing interest in adult-oriented entertainment, and the results speak for themselves. It might be the case that Beyond Big Thunder is being created as an alternative for the more intense Villain Park, but we can’t say for sure.

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With that all in mind, there’s still plenty to be excited about as the Magic Kingdom continues to grow and evolve. While it’s unknown what the company has planned for Big Thunder Mountain and the rest of Frontierland at this time, that’s not saying fans aren’t hopeful for the future.

Whether Disney World plans to go in a completely new direction with the new expansion or recreate Disneyland Paris’ Big Thunder Mesa, thousands of fans are surely hoping to see more original content coming to the Magic Kingdom

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