Character Commits Murder On-Stage During Oogie Boogie Bash

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Disneyland Oogie Boogie Bash front gates

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 Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland is one of the premier Halloween experiences offered by the Disney Parks. This year, guests at California Adventure can mix and mingle with many of the studio’s most over-the-top villains, henchmen, and other twisted characters. However, they might have gone a little too dark this year.

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Disney recently announced that they’d be adding new villains to this year’s roster of meetable characters, but some of their environments are turning into scare-zones worthy of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, especially with a certain Dip-slinging judge.

Disneyland Recreates Traumatic Death Scene on Stage


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Anyone who’s ever seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit already knows that Judge Doom is one of the most unsettling Disney villains of the studio’s rogues gallery. The lethal long arm of the law in Toontown was easily one of Disney’s most frightening creations, yet they brought him to life at Disneyland.

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Along with an unforgettable performance from Christopher Lloyd, Doom likely terrified a generation of viewers with both his imposing presence and the murderous act he commits in his first few minutes of screen time.

Along with Yokai from Big Hero 6, Judge Doom was one of the new characters introduced for this year’s Oogie Boogie Bash. While his environment and teaser hinted at the infamous shoe death scene in the film, no one thought Disney would actually recreate it.


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While the footage from @entertainmentconnection isn’t nearly as graphic as the movie’s, it’s undoubtedly going to frighten some children, as well as the parents who were scarred for life the first time around. This definitely is one of those “we can’t believe Disney did that” moments.

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True props have to go the character performer bringing Judge Doom to life for the event, as his portrayal was enough to illicit a very verbal reaction from multiple Guests. While he never says the phrase “kill a toon,” his endgame is still the same.

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Disney doesn’t often go to this level of dark, but they truly go full force whenever they do. If this was only a taste of what guests can expect from more villainous Character Meet and Greets, how long will it be before the Horned King and Frollo make the guest list? The results will be unforgettable nightmare fuel. So much for a not-so-scary Halloween party, right?

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