Disneyland Magic Key Holders Banned From Parks

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A guest holds a Disneyland Magic Key ticket in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. A red "X" has been edited over the Magic Key pass.

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A Disneyland Magic Key Pass holder claims the Southern California Disney Park enforced unofficial blackout dates over Labor Day weekend.

Disneyland Resort launched its new Annual Passholder program, the Magic Key Pass, in 2021. Annual Passes disappeared from Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure during the COVID-19 pandemic, and fans were so excited at their return that the four tiers sold out within minutes.

Despite the instant popularity of the Magic Key Passes, the rollout wasn’t perfect. A group of Dream Key Pass holders sued Disneyland Resort for allegedly withholding Park Pass Reservations from the most expensive Annual Pass, enforcing unofficial blackout dates on guests.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park
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Since the recently settled legal battle began, Disneyland Resort changed its four Annual Pass options – Inspire Key, Believe Key, Enchant Key, and Imagine Key – and all of them include blackout dates. Theme park reservations are still required for all four tiers, and Magic Key holders are punished for three no-shows in 90 days.

This Labor Day weekend, Reddit user and Disneyland Inspire Key holder u/GomeyBlueRock shared their frustration that Disneyland Resort was enforcing “unofficial” blackout dates.

Really grinds my gears…
by u/GomeyBlueRock in Disneyland

They shared screenshots that show Disney Park Pass Reservations for single and multi-day ticket holders but not Inspire Key Pass holders. The highest-tier Magic Key Pass costs $1,599 annually.

“Really grinds my gears…” the guest wrote. “Really bugs the sh*t out of me that there is availability if you buy a ticket, but not if you have the (now) top tier pass.”

“I’d be curious to know what the ‘allotment’ statistics are for how many of us MK cretins they allow in per day,” they continued. “It’s weird that they provide benefits that no one else gets, but then has official / unofficial black out days that isn’t part of their MK blackout calendar…”

Family walking through the Pixar Pier entrance.
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Some Disneyland Resort fans defended the Magic Key blackout.

“It makes sense to me why they would do this,” u/Ultimus_Omegus said. “A family could go to Disney once every 5 years, and if the date is blocked out Disney would lose that business. A magic key holder frequents Disney a lot more and most likely has more flexibility in the dates.”

“It’s Labor Day weekend,” u/goldenhorseshoewars agreed. “Let the non-pass holders enjoy.”

couple on pixar pier eating lollipops
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But the guest defended their position, arguing that they spend enough at Disneyland Resort to deserve priority over vacationers.

“It’s not really a black out date, it’s just a we think we can squeeze more money out of a non AP holder this weekend than from you,” they argued. “Despite the fact we probably spend 100-200 $ every trip between food, alcohol, and whatever new Merch is out.”

And many Magic Key holders agreed.

A family walks through Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland
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“Welcome to the crux of the class-action lawsuit and the ‘no blackout dates’ actually having unavailable dates due to the specific tier levels being filled up for the day,” said u/Phased5ek. “Even last year when I had the top-tier (at the time, not the new one) pass, it was supposed to be 365 (or very close to that!) days with no blackout dates, but there were days I couldn’t book because my tier level was already ‘sold out’, essentially creating a blackout date.”

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