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A guest holds a Disneyland Magic Key ticket in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. A red "X" has been edited over the Magic Key pass.

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. kathleen

    There is an compromise.
    I assume that there is a limit as to how many people (guests and cast members) can be at the park on a particular day based on fire regulations, safety, staffing, etc. Vacationers make their ticket purchases and reservations in advance. No idea how much “walk-up” business there is. Perhaps Disney could consider opening up each day to passholders at 6am each day.

  2. kathleen

    Here is an easy compromise.
    Vacationers purchase tickets and reservations in advance. Not sure how many actual “walk-ups” come each day.
    Assuming there is a limited number of guests and cast members allowed in the park each day based on safety/fire regulations, staffing, etc., open up slots for Magic Key holders each morning at 6am.

  3. MK holder

    I’m an inspire holder and I was able to get reservations for labor day. It sounds like this person complaining did a piss-poor job at planning accordingly. Lol

  4. Donna

    Sorry but AP holders should not be second class guests. They paid admission advance. I should not have to make a reservation. If a day tripper can walk up and buy a ticket then there is obviously room for more guests to enter. The park did not meet capacity. I pre-ordered my entrance ticket but can’t use it . Disney is playing the odds trying to make additional money. Too bad for AP holders we got your money already.

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