Universal Studios Hollywood Reveals Closure Status Amid Hurricane Hilary

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Universal Studios Hollywood has issued an update regarding their closure status for the unprecedented Hurricane Hilary about to hit Southern California.

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Universal Studios Hollywood is known to be one of the best theme parks in the Los Angeles area, with incredible attractions like the Simpsons Ride, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Mario Kart in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, the World Famous Studio Tour, and rides themed around King Kong, Jurassic World, and the Minions. And who can forget about Halloween Horror Nights?

However, something is coming toward Universal Studios Hollywood that is entirely unprecedented: a hurricane. While this may be a regular occurrence for Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, most people in Southern California have never had to deal with a hurricane. Because of this, Universal has sent out an announcement regarding the closure status and the safety of their guests and employees.

Universal Studios and CityWalk Will Remain Open

Hurricane hilary forcast, Disneyland
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Southern California has been shaken by the announcement of Hurricane Hilary heading its way. Disneyland and multiple other theme parks have already announced that they’ll be shutting down services to maintain the safety of guests and employees. Today, Universal Studios Hollywood gave a slightly different announcement on its Twitter account.

“Universal Studios Hollywood and CityWalk continue to monitor Hurricane Hilary. The safety of our guests and team members is our top priority, and while we currently expect to remain open, please continue to check this platform or call our hotline at 800-864-8377 for updates prior to visiting our destination.”

While most commenters replied to Universal’s update by asking everyone to stay safe, others were surprised to see the theme park remain open during inclement weather.

One user commented, “Isn’t it easier to announce closures and let people plan accordingly? Otherwise, you announce you’ll be open, people fly in and travel only to find out it is closed? Backward thinki…oh wait….money.” Another posted, “In other words, it’s open on Sunday,” paired with a Gif of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants (1999-present) saying, “Hello, I like money.”

Either way, please remember to stay safe in this situation. If there are severe winds or rain, stay home and remain safe. It is more important to be healthy than to make money or have fun at an amusement park.

Please remember to stay safe during Hurricane Hilary. If you require help, don’t hesitate to call the proper authorities or 911.

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