Steven Spielberg Is Behind the Most Brutal ‘Star Wars’ Scene

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It is not a secret that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have worked extensively with one another. The pair have often collaborated on the Indiana Jones franchise throughout the film series’ history. It has now been revealed that Spielberg has also helped Lucas with Star Wars, and he contributed to the most brutal scene in the saga.

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The current state of the franchise has been upping the content in terms of its violence simply because people are finally starting to clue into how terrifying the Empire and figures like Palpatine and Darth Vader are supposed to be. Gareth Edwards did something magical in Rogue One by finally showcasing why Vader is the most feared Sith Lord in the saga’s history, showcasing him brutally killing Rebels to obtain the stolen Death Star plans.

Disney acquired Lucasfilm from George Lucas, though the company has not entirely dumbed down the brutal nature of the films and shows, often showcasing some intense moments of death. Take the recent Obi-Wan series, for instance. The character Reva Sevander is a Sith and becomes the Third Sister to the Grand Inquisitor.

The Inquisitorius is the sect of Sith hunters that’s sole purpose was to hunt down and eradicate hidden Jedi, and they did so under the leadership of Darth Vader. Reva’s backstory was finally revealed as a youngling who survived the onslaught by Anakin Skywalker during the events of Order 66. Reva’s story is a nod to the Prequel Trilogy and proves that Disney is not shying away from showcasing the brutal nature of the overall Star Wars story.

It is Order 66 that completely changed everything, and in the scene first explored in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005), Steven Spielberg surprisingly devised part of that brutal happening.

Steven Spielberg Contributed to Order 66 in Star Wars

As previously stated, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith contains one of the most harrowing moments in Star Wars history: Order 66. During this scene, Emperor Palpatine ensures that the Empire will take complete control of the galaxy by tasking his Clone Troopers with killing the Jedi.

During the event at the end of the film, Yoda clutches his chest feeling the disturbance in the Force, knowing that his fellow Jedi are being slain. What makes this moment far more brutal is how some of the Jedi are assassinated. These brutal assassinations were not only thought of by George Lucas, but he also gained plenty of collaboration from fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

For instance, when Aayla Secura is surrounded by Clone Troopers on Felucia. She attempts to pull her lightsaber before she is mercilessly gunned down. What makes this moment even sadder is that a giant leaf is covering her body as the Troopers continually fire shots into her lifeless body.

Steven Spielberg was behind this scene and came up with the idea of showcasing Secura being blasted. Though it was not explicitly shown, the flashes of the giant plant leaf covering her paint a horrific image of her body being riddled by blaster fire.

That wasn’t the only Jedi death during Order 66 that Steven Spielberg contributed to. Star Wars fans have long favored Plo Koon, mainly because the Jedi Master was showcased more in The Clone Wars cartoon. Spielberg consulted on Kloon’s death and came up with the idea that the Clone Troopers essentially protect Koon, only to have to follow their programming and kill him. Kloon is obliterated without being able to pilot his ship out of danger.

Spielberg collaborated on these scenes, especially regarding keeping the dialogue sparse. Instead of some rant about the Clone Troopers killing the Jedi, the film simply showed how harrowing Palpatine’s plan was and how it completely altered the franchise without relying on confessions or words.

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Order 66 kicked off what everyone had assumed about Palpatine and Vader, though it had not yet been shown. The Empire is evil and brutal, and everyone finally understood why. Without Spielberg assisting in these scenes, the franchise-defining moment might not have hit as hard. Though it is wonderful to know Steven Spielberg worked on Star Wars with George Lucas, this is a sad moment in the franchise’s history.

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