Op-Ed: Disney+ Isn’t Going Anywhere, and neither Are Subscribers

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A common narrative spun in our current social culture is that Disney has their Mickey Mitts in way too many pies, creating a monopoly on the entertainment industry. The truth is, that’s not an incorrect assumption, as the studio and its magical streaming service both have primary ownership of several cinematic mainstays.

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It’s been said that the company profits off of our nostalgia, and that’s an apt descriptor. Even with a significant blow to their numbers and millions canceling their subscriptions, Disney+ will remain one of the primary streaming platforms even if Netflix and Prime go under.

Disney+ Has It All

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In spite of the recent content purge and the ongoing strikes in Hollywood, Disney still has a massive amount of content for some of the largest fanbases in modern media. Along with the onslaught of classic animated films, the streaming service still holds tightly onto Marvel, Star Wars, and more.

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If it’s a matter of quantity versus quality, Disney+ wins every time. Platforms like Netflix and Prime might have several original movies and series paired with a selection of other films, but the mouse has the advantage.

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Marvel and Star Wars alone are two of the biggest names in modern pop culture, and Disney owns them both. Pair this with the company slowly dissolving physical media like DVDs and Blu-Rays, and the odds begin to shift in the studio’s favor.

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Additionally, Disney is also home to some of the most popular TV series on streaming. According to FlixPatrolBluey, The Simpsons, and The Mandalorian are three of the most streamed shows on the platform. With Bluey clocking in at the top of the charts, its easy to see why viewers are still hooked on the magic.

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It should also be stated that just because a service makes it available, it doesn’t mean its free. Prime hosts several iconic movies, but some fan-favorite films are still locked behind that Rent/Buy paywall. At least Disney’s are only stuck behind a removable ad wall… for now.

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Disney+ might not be the end-all-be-all of the streaming wars, but it’s still currently the best place for some of the most popular movies, series, and franchises out there. All things considered, the mouse still rules even when the chips are down.

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