Op-Ed: Disney Animation Remains Untouched by Disney+ Purge

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There have been several reports about Disney’s magical streaming service lately. With the drama surrounding the strikes in Hollywood and various titles being removed from the platform’s once-overabundant content source, millions of subscribers have already cut the cord with Disney+.

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That all being said, there might be some consolation for die-hard Disney buffs who choose to keep tuned in and those who don’t have access to copies of the studio’s animated media. Why do some fans maintain their membership? The same reason Disney became a household name in the first place.

Disney Animation Will Save Disney+

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Apart from Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, what’s the number one thing the Walt Disney Company is known for? They pioneered the animated motion picture and currently have 61 animated movies still watched religiously by millions everywhere.

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From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the upcoming Wish, the studio has built its magical empire on a legion of award-winning animated classics enjoyed by generations of fans. Considering the older movies still retain their popularity after years of availability, it’s safe to say Disney wouldn’t dare touch their original darlings.

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According to FlixPatrol, half of the most streamed movies on the platform were films from Disney Animation or Pixar. That means that the audience for the studio’s bread and butter. So long as audiences keep watching them, Disney will keep the lights on.

Contrariwise, Disney can’t afford to coast on the fumes of the past forever, and lack of original storytelling has warranted the studio a fair helping of criticism. That said, there’s a reason the original animated movies are considered masterpieces.

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Part of the reason Disney has the vice-grip on audiences that it does is because it has our childhoods wrapped around its finger. Nostalgia is one of the most powerful devices in the company’s tool belt, and that’s why the classic movies will remain untouched while still providing Disney with plenty of subscribers.

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