Beloved Series Pulled From Streaming Right Before Most Watched Time of Year

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Dustin, Mike and Max at school in Stranger Things Season 4

Credit: Netflix

In yet another blow to audiences and creators, Max and Warner Bros. have announced the removal of another popular animated series from its streaming service, just ahead of its historically most-watched time of year.

As Warner Bros. merged with Discovery, they stated that they would continue to support animators and honor the field of animated works. However, as the streaming platform continues to remove Cartoon Network series, it’s becoming clear that they haven’t upheld their promise to their creators. Warner Bros. recently released a statement including all of the titles coming to their streaming service in August, as well as everything that was leaving the platform, including Over the Garden Wall.

over the garden wall, greg and wirt
Credit: Cartoon Network

Over the Garden Wall was a one-season miniseries that premiered on Cartoon Network in 2014. It’s become a beloved tradition for fans to re-watch the show each year around Halloween/fall as it follows two brothers as they experience a series of strange and fascinating adventures that takes place in a supernatural world parallel to their own. The series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program and has been critically acclaimed since its release.

Its removal date is marked as August 31, just before the start of September, which is when many Halloween fans begin to celebrate the season, proving that it’s a strategic move from Warner Bros. The series is right up there with Stranger Things, American Horror Story, and even the Harry Potter series for many fall lovers. Over the Garden Wall isn’t the first animated series to be removed from Max, as fans have noticed a wave of Cartoon Network series being removed from the platform over the last several months. Other popular series like Regular Show, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Dexter’s Laboratory, and more have been pulled without a trace.

greg, wirt, and the pumpkin people in over the garden wall
Credit: Cartoon Network

Fans have been sharing their outrage on Twitter, with many calling it the wrong move just before the fall. Others threatened to watch their favorite content through other methods, skirting around subscriptions and streaming services. Several others urged a return to physical media, encouraging people to buy DVDs and Blu-rays as streaming services continue to rapidly remove access to content. While it does raise concerns about content specifically released to streaming, like most of the Marvel series on Disney+ or Max and Netflix originals, it’s at least something to help audiences take back a little bit of control.

As the Hollywood strikes wage on with streaming residuals one important factor in the fight, fans and audiences are caught in the middle as studios remove streamed content in order to avoid paying creators residual wages. Unfortunately, Over the Garden Wall is just one of many beloved series that have fallen victim to greedy studios. While the show is currently still available to watch on Hulu, it’s not a bad idea to begin stocking back up on physical copies of your favorite media when possible.

Have you seen Over the Garden Wall? What do you think about this latest removal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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