‘Star Wars’ Does the Unthinkable, Creates Massive Plot Hole in ‘Ahsoka’

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Dave Filoni made a huge change to Ahsoka Tano that fans might not have realized could jeopardize the series.

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Not every force user can use the same abilities but learn new abilities over time. Cal Kestis is a great example because he slowed down his enemies and learned how to force pull, push, and dash over time. These things didn’t come to the Jedi naturally, but he learned them from his Jedi mentor, Cere Junda or Jaro Tapal.

One ability that Cal Kestis has that works well for video games is psychometry, the ability to experience an event or conversation after touching a location or object. Normally, you need to touch the ground or something to experience, but Ahsoka Tano just changed the ability.

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Dave Filoni’s Ahsoka revealed that Ahsoka Tano can use psychometry, but she only needs to wave her hand or stand where the event occurred. This use of the ability is obviously more robust than what most fans would expect, which shows just how powerful Ahsoka is, but it opens up new doors for how the series could be in trouble.

Psychometry might not let Ahsoka Tano see an image of the star map or clearly see what happened in the past, but it’s pretty common for a story involving that ability to create plot holes, which means Dave Filoni will have to be careful about how to use that ability without breaking the plot.

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The ability works beautifully in video games with Cal Kestis, but it might be hard to use it in live-action. Ahsoka has a lot of high expectations from fans due to how the series will handle Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka will have plenty of scenarios where the ability could be useful. Chasing Morgan Elsbeth trying to figure out where to find Thrawn could make the story more like a detective story where finding hidden clues would be necessary.

So far, Star Wars canon has only given this ability to a select few, and most of them were naturally gifted with the ability. Ahsoka suddenly being able to use psychometry is awesome, but it doesn’t mean she should naturally be better than Quinlan Vos and Cal Kestis at using the ability.

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