Hatbox Ghost Replaces Madame Leota

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Hatbox Ghost outside mansion

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After the recent release of the 2023 horror movie adaptation, Disney announced that the infamous Hatbox Ghost from the original Disneyland attraction would finally make his debut in Disney World’s version at the Magic Kingdom. While most fans are thrilled that the character will finally be getting his overdue representation, some are claiming this new addition ruins the ride.

Hatbox Ghost Disneyland
Credit: Inside the Magic

While the original Hatbox Ghost took residence up in the attic with Constance Hatchaway, the Disney World version will be greeting Guests in the endless hallway, conflicting with the plot point of Madame Leota calling in the spirits as Guests pass through the mansion. Many Haunted Mansion fans are already taking issue with this change in the script, but one detail proves they may be wrong in their rage.

Hatbox Ghost Turns Mansion Upside Down

Hatbox Ghost reveals his face
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

The decision to place the Hatbox Ghost in the hallway has caused a very vocal stir amongst the Disney fanbase, but they’re forgetting a key element in the character’s persona. As seen in the new Haunted Mansion film, the Hatbox Ghost is an outlier amongst the other 999 Happy Haunts, meaning he doesn’t play by the rules.

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Additionally, he’s also one of the first ghosts viewers are introduced to in the new movie, so it sort of makes sense that he would be the first to appear in the Disney World attraction. Considering that the version in Liberty Square is also canonically his place of residence, it’s only logical that he would be the first to welcome Guests to the manor.

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Naturally, this is going to be a subject for debate amongst fans. However, it does offer a distinction between the two manors that coincides with the film adaptation. Of course, it’s impossible to truly state how fans will react to the Hatbox Ghost’s addition until he actually materializes in the attraction, but the subject still remains.

Should fans really be this upset about the Hatbox Ghost? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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