New Disney World Cash-Grab “Destroys” Beloved Attraction

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Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, the site of the guest experience with the bird.

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The Walt Disney World Resort has suffered a heavy loss in attendance this summer, largely due to its falling reputation with recent Guests. However, that doesn’t mean efforts aren’t being made to draw them back into the Florida Park. Disney’s most recent addition to the Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square might do more harm than good.

Hatbox Ghost Disneyland
Credit: Inside the Magic

It was recently announced that Disneyland’s infamous Hatbox Ghost would finally make his appearance at the Disney World mansion. While that might sound like good news to hardcore fans of the ride, it bodes ill for the structure and story of the iconic dark ride.

The Hatbox Ghost Crashes to Disney World

Haunted Mansion exterior at night at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

While he’s something of a cult icon amongst Disney fans, the Hatbox Ghost has a long and sordid history, from technical malfunctions with his famous illusion to his mysterious disappearance. However, his reputation has made him something of a lost legend brought back from the dead.

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Although he’s recently only been a Disneyland exclusive, it was revealed just today that he would be making his long-wished debut at Walt Disney World. That said, this feels more like Disney backtracking their previous stance on the character to try to build back their numbers after a dismal tourist season.


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Not only that, but many dedicated Haunted Mansion fans are taking offense at the character’s sudden introduction. @mr.unofficialceo’s take in the TikTok above goes into great detail as to why his announced appearance makes no sense, and would ultimately disrupt the Disney World attraction as walls come up in the endless hallway.

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The Hatbox Ghost definitely deserves to be in the Magic Kingdom’s attraction, especially given his new villainous depiction in the Haunted Mansion movie. However, the Disney Parks shouldn’t dismiss their sacred storytelling practices in an attempt to lure their way into the fans’ good graces.

Do you think bringing the Hatbox Ghost back is a good idea? Tell Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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