Disney World Confirms Return of Iconic Character

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Walt Disney World has just confirmed the return of a unique and iconic character that Guests and fans have long waited for.

Sorry Folks, The Hatbox Ghost Isn't Coming to Disney World
Credit: Inside The Magic

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The Hat Box Ghost Is Returning to Disney World

It’s been speculated that the iconic and beloved Hat Box Ghost would return to some capacity. But fans and Guests quickly pointed out that WDW would take forever to bring back a spooky host that would welcome Guests as they entered an attraction inside the Magic Kingdom. The Hatbox Ghost appears to be a no-show despite the Haunted Mansion attraction closing for refurbishment recently. The character will not likely be installed in time for the Halloween season.  The Haunted Mansion attraction inside the Magic Kingdom has closed for refurbishment from August 7 through 9, according to industry insider and reporter Scott Gustin on Twitter. The news comes just under a month before the opening night of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which is set to debut on August 11 in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. This refurbishment is reportedly set to be a “routine” as the attraction is updated in anticipation of the Halloween season fastly approaching. Many Guests and fans were hoping to see the famous and popular Hatbox Ghost finally appear on the attraction this year, but those hopes were dead…or so we thought!

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The Hat Box Ghost Is Coming to the Magic Kingdom Sooner Than We Thought

According to industry insider and journalist Scott Gustin on Twitter, Walt Disney World Resort announced the official return of the Hat Box Ghost to The Haunted Mansion this year. In a new blog post, WDW mentions how Guests will soon see temporary barriers materialize inside The Haunted Mansion attraction at Magic Kingdom ahead of his arrival “later this year.” For those unaware, the interest will be closed for refurbishment from August 7 through the nine and will reopen to Guests on August 10.

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According to the same Disney blog post, Guests can expect the beloved and iconic Hat Box Ghost to appear to Guests as they pass the Endless Hallway, welcoming himself inside from the swinging wake in the cemetery and grinning at the Doom Buggies as they set off deeper into the Haunted Mansion attraction. No other official word on an exact date from Disney at this time, but it sure is exciting to know at least that our Ghoulish friend will once again be welcoming us inside the Magic Kingdom.

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