Sorry Folks, The Hatbox Ghost Isn’t Coming to Disney World

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The Hatbox Ghost appears to be a no-show despite the Haunted Mansion attraction closing for refurbishment recently. The character will not likely be installed in time for the Halloween season.

The Hatbox Ghost
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Here’s Why the Hatbox Ghost Is Probably Not Coming to Disney World Anytime Soon

As mentioned above, The Haunted Mansion attraction inside the Magic Kingdom has closed for refurbishment from August 7 through 9, according to industry insider and reporter Scott Gustin on Twitter. The news comes just under a month before the opening night of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which is set to debut on August 11 in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. This refurbishment is reportedly set to be a “routine” as the attraction is updated in anticipation of the Halloween season fastly approaching. Many Guests and fans were hoping to see the famous and popular Hatbox Ghost finally appear on the attraction this year, but those hopes are dead.

The Hatbox Ghost
Credit: Disney

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According to Scott Gustin on Twitter, The Hatbox Ghost will likely not be returning in time for the opening date of Mickey’s Halloween Party.

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Scott mentions above that the closure “is not to add Hatbox Ghost to the attraction” Disney World said that the Ghost would appear “this year “without specifying a date. With the routine closure of the Haunted Mansion attraction, many Guests and fans were hoping for the Ghost to be added to the ride in time for the big Spooky event at Magic Kingdom. A few people on social media confess that they believe the Hatbox Ghost will not appear this year. Disneyland Resort easily added the character to its version of The Haunted Mansion in a single day. Meanwhile, WDW seems to have issues adding the character, even with a minor routine refurbishment. Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is similar in many ways to Magic Kingdom’s, but differs in a few ways.

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Another person on the Twitter social app decided to conduct a poll on whether or not people think the Hatbox Ghost is coming to WDW this year, and here were the results:

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Aside from the routine refurbishment next month on The Haunted Mansion, Disney World seems to have little to no interest in updating fans and Guests on when the Ghost will appear on the attraction. This begs the question: is The Hatbox Ghost ever coming to Disney World this year in time for Halloween? Many people seem disappointed by this news and assume the famous and beloved character will not appear this Halloween season. But anything can happen, and with the official The Haunted Mansion (2023) debuting in cinemas across the country on July 28, this could be the push WDW needs to listen to the fans and finally add this character to the spooky attraction we all love and adore.

Jared Leto is voicing the Ghost host in Disneys Haunted Mansion. Leto will be joined by the likes of Rosario Dawson, Lakeith Stanfield, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marc Davis, Owen Wilson, and Tiffany Haddish. Fans can expect to see Constance Hatchaway in live-action, along with Madame Leota inside the popular Gracey Manor. The audience will also be taking inside of the doom buggy through a journey of spooktacular ghosts and fun for the entire family. The original Disney Imagineer, Yale Gracey of Disney Worlds Haunted Mansion will surely be paid some kind of homage in the movie coming later this month. Disney Imagineers and Disney magic will be brought to life as the movie based off of Magic Kingdoms Haunted Mansion kicks off in a few weeks, also bringing to life the infamous Hatbox Ghost, with a hopeful and potential appearance of the original Hatbox Ghost. Fingers crossed.

The Hatbox Ghost
Credit: Disney

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