‘Haunted Mansion’ Sets up New Disney Trilogy

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Disney’s Haunted Mansion just came out to socialize, and it has proven to be everything fans of the ride could ask for. Despite some negative press from critics, the film is a love letter to all things under the roof of Gracey Manor, but it might not be the last time viewers step through those big iron gates.

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While the film primarily took place at the iconic New Orleans estate made famous by the Disneyland version, there were also winks and nods to Disney’s other haunted attractions in the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Paris. Could a trilogy already be in the works?

Haunted Mansion: Hurry Back, Hurry Back

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Spoilers for Haunted Mansion beyond this point!

The new 2023 adaptation of the iconic Disney ride takes most of its influence from the original attraction at Disneyland. From the outward facade of the gothic plantation house to the cast of Happy Haunts that lie within, anyone who’s ever boarded a Doom Buggy into the boundless realm of the supernatural will recognize all the visuals and elements that make give the manor so much life.

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As iconic as Disneyland’s version is, Disney World’s gets a decidedly darker representation in the form of Crump Manor, the original home of the infamous Hatbox Ghost in the film. The ghost and his massive manor have a dark and bloody history, especially since the owner was a supernatural serial killer. What better way to set up for a prequel/sequel and give the Orlando Park’s variant a little extra love?

Haunted Mansion Movie Trailer 2023
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Hardcore Haunted Mansion fans might also recognize a few subtle nods to the Phantom Manor of Disneyland Paris, such as the Bride appearing in mirrors or shattered glass like Melanie Ravenswood. Ideally, a true Haunted Mansion sequel would take heavy influence from the decidedly darker variant seen across the pond.

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While this is certainly plausible, it’s likely not going to happen anytime soon, as Disney hasn’t had the best track record at the box office, and the current strikes in Hollywood will be putting any future movies and TV shows on hold for an unknown amount of time. Until then, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope Disney will let us hurry back to the mansion sometime soon.

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