“Phantom Manor: A High-Spirited Attraction” documentary materializes

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Phantom Manor: A Spirited Attraction

This June, Disneyland Paris gifted guests with “Phantom Manor: A High-Spirited Attraction.” A new 17-minute documentary that spotlights the ride’s history and updates.

Complete with historical references, Disneyland Paris provides a peek inside the updates and story of its iconic haunted house. The Frontierland manor recently completed a complete refurbishment, earning new effects and details.

Phantom Manor A Spirited Attraction open

Frontierland’s crown jewel, Phantom Manor, once again welcomes foolish mortals. As a recently renovated attraction, new discoveries await. To celebrate this grave undertaking, a new documentary materialized on the park’s YouTube page.

Phantom Manor: A High Spirited Attraction host

“Have you always been intrigued by the special atmosphere that floats around Phantom Manor? In “Phantom Manor: A Spirited Attraction …”, join us for a very private tour of this special place with the Imagineers, the designers of the Disney Parks who participated in the great refurbishment of the attraction.”  – Disneyland Paris via YouTube

Phantom Manor Attraction Boot Hill

“Phantom Manor: A Spirited Attraction” pays final respects

Narrated in French, with English subtitles, the documentary delivers a brief history of Haunted Mansion lore. Touching on Walt’s passion for a haunted house, viewers enjoy a brief trip to previous attraction incarnations. After guiding past various versions of the Haunted Mansion, Imagineers tell the story of Phantom Manor’s make-over.

singing busts from Phantom Manor

From incorporating new technical effects to enhancing existing storylines, this new video is a feast for fans of Disney’s haunted attractions. Inside and out, the Victorian symbol of gold rush wealth joins 21st-century wizardry with 1840’s appearances.

Phantom Manor: A High-Spirited Attraction imagineer

Old audio recordings offered new material. As a result, Vincent Price’s original narration now haunts Phantom Manor.

Even the mysterious Phantom found new life as part of renovations.  Melanie Ravenswood, the ghostly bride, took on an even more central role as well.

Phantom Manor's villian

“Phantom Manor: A Spirited Attraction” not only shares insights on Imagineering marvels, but also gives guests an armchair view of the wizardry within this haunting attraction.

Source and images: Disneyland Paris Website and  YouTube page

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