‘Haunted Mansion’ Horror Status Confirmed by Disney

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Haunted Mansion Movie Trailer 2023

Credit: Disney

Disney Park fans are about to rejoice when they get their tickets to see Haunted Mansion. Because not only are they getting a more thematic and theme-park-accurate representation of the fan-favorite attraction, but they are getting a 100%, unabashed, unfiltered, and surprisingly un-Disneyfied horror movie.

Haunted Mansion movie, Hatbox Ghost closeup
Credit: Disney

If you know anything about the original intended themes of the attraction, you’ll be familiar with the saga of the maniacal sea captain, the ax-murdering bride, and the infamous Hatbox Ghost, all of which appear in full regalia in the new trailers for Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion Goes Full Horror

The original trailer already had many of us eeked out by how eerie it was, but it definitely had more of a fast-paced horror comedy vibe a la Beetlejuice than something genuinely scary. Even with the Evil Dead ghost designs, it didn’t look that monstrous… until now.

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The trailer above gives a much more in-depth look at what we can expect from the new film. While we’re shown several scenes depicted in the teaser, it’s honestly incredibly remarkable just how many pure horror elements that Disney has decided to use. It’s both surprising and uncharacteristically scary.

Is Disney Serious?

Kid terrified of ghosts in The Haunted Mansion trailer
Credit: Disney

In the new trailer, we’re shown several flavors seen in dozens of iconic horror movies. Creepy surprise behind the door, check. Ghost in the mirror that doesn’t appear until the character wipes away the dust, check. Ominous voices coming from gothic hallways, check-check-check!

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Disney has even gone full Exorcist by including Owen Wilson as a black-hatted priest discussing the protocol for removing an unclean spirit from a possessed LaKeith Stanfield.  Not only that, but the trailers alone are loaded with jumpscares and frightening imagery we haven’t seen in a Disney production in well-over a decade.

While the Eddie Murphy variation had its moments, and it did have some very enjoyable performances from Terrence Stamp and Jenifer Tilly, it wasn’t nearly as scary as the upcoming adaptation. Haunted Mansion fans will definitely be served well when the doors to the manor open this July.

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