New Universal Studios Attraction Will Infest Guests With Bugs

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Larry Larva from the Exterminatorz Terror Tram at Halloween Horror Nights

Credit: Universal Studios

Universal Studios has announced its new Studio Tour theme for Halloween Horror Nights, and it’s definitely going to bug Guests.

Man screaming at Halloween Horror Nights
Credit: Halloween Horror Nights Twitter (@HorrorNightsORL)

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Halloween Horror Nights is one of the most beloved haunted Theme Park experiences. Whether you’re at Universal Orlando Resort or Universal Studios Hollywood, you know you will be in for a terrifying time that’s straight out of the movies.

However, Universal Studios Florida always has a bit of an advantage. While both Parks often share similar film-based mazes and have rides that bring you face-to-face with King Kong and the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, Orlando has many more original mazes as well as an icon to make sure the frights keep coming.

That being said, Universal Studios Hollywood has one thing Universal Studios Orlando can only dream of: the Terror Tram. And this year, the Studio Tour transformation features a brand-new horrifying theme.

The New, Bug-Infested Universal Studios Backlot Tour

Larry Larva and a giant bug surrunding the Exterminatorz Terror Tram for Halloween Horror Nights
Credit: Universal Studios

While the last few years have featured the same theme of a maniacal clown stalking the backlot, the Terror Tram has been completely revamped this year. Instead of a collection of creepy clowns, the World-Famous Studio Tour is filled with a bevy of blood-curdling bugs known as The Exterminatorz.

According to the Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights website, “Terror Tram is back, and this time the bugs are taking over. Tour Guide Larry Larva and his bug-headed exterminators are out to get rid of humans with the help of his killer new pesticide. You’ll be swarmed by many-legged horrors who will worm their way into your fears.”

In the promo video, Guests board a tram and see an advertisement for exterminators; except this time, the bugs are exterminating the humans. Soon, giant bugs begin swarming the tram, devouring everyone inside as Larry Larva laughs maniacally in the driver’s seat.

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While this is a new theme for the Terror Tram, this isn’t the first time The Exterminatorz have appeared at Universal Studios Hollywood. Back in 2015, these monstrous insects ran one of the main scare zones. Halloween Horror Night fans loved it and are more than ecstatic for it to return.

However, that’s not all the Terror Tram provides. After you brave your way through Larry Larva’s lair, Guests will once again come face-to-face with Jupiter’s Claim from Nope (2022). While this is a constant part of the Tram Tour, last year, it was combined with Jordan Peele’s other horror classic, Us (2019), so it will be exciting to see what Universal does with it this year.

What do you think of the Terror Tram’s theme this year? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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