Guest Viciously Struck by Forbidden Item Aboard Intense Roller Coaster

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Orion, a unique roller coaster exclusively designed for Kings Island theme park, in Mason, Ohio

Credit: Kings Island

A Guest recently shared their bizarre experience aboard a unique roller coaster after a forbidden item ricocheted off their head.

While theme parks and amusement parks across America are staples of family-friendly fun, welcoming millions of families every year, it would appear that unruly behavior and frustration are on the rise at the beloved locations.

Inside the Magic has reported on Guests engaging in violent brawls, shamelessly endangering others’ livesblatantly breaking theme park rules, and even causing severe changes to theme park policies nationwide. And now, Guests who smuggled a restricted item into a popular amusement park are responsible for a recent incident.

Riders go upside down on roller coaster at Kings Island
Credit: Kings Island

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Redditor u/pntless recently shared an incident they faced while visiting Kings Island — a popular theme park in Mason, Ohio — with their nephew as they “hit all of the coasters, most of them repeatedly” following their nephew’s newfound love for roller coasters. However, the day wasn’t all fun and games for the Redditor.

The Guest commented that while riding Orion, they were hit in the head with a vape — ironically, from the brand “Orion.” “It ricocheted off my head and landed in the empty seat next to me. I quickly grabbed it before it could take flight again and hit someone else.”

Hit in the head by a vape on Orion
by u/pntless in KingsIsland

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The user commented that they tried to inform a ride operator when they returned to the dispatch station but were told to “just throw it away.” “I wasn’t injured and didn’t want to ruin my nephew’s one day there, so I didn’t push the issue and I let it go, which I imagine probably happens a lot in these situations and is probably part of the reason KI doesn’t seem to care,” the parkgoer added.

Redditor u/pntless also took the chance to comment on the multiple times they’ve witnessed loose phones flying off high-speed roller coasters, adding, “King’s Island really doesn’t take loose articles seriously at all. Front row every time, I guess, and hope everyone else is safe.”

Kings Island 50th anniversary fireworks show, fun, fireworks and fifty
Credit: Kings Island

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Kings Island strictly forbids vapes and other products containing nicotine. The Park’s policies state: “For the convenience of all our Guests, smoking of any kind, including vapor and e-cigarettes, is only permitted in the designated smoking areas outside the Park’s main entrance and Soak City Water Park’s entrance. Please refer to our map for the specific location. Smoking is not permitted inside Kings Island. Thank you for your cooperation.”

More on this unique roller coaster

Orion was exclusively designed for Kings Island by Switzerland-based company Bolliger & Mabillard, making the coaster unique worldwide. Bolliger & Mabillard also designed the Park’s popular Banshee and Diamondback roller coasters.

Kings Island describes Orion as follows:

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