Guest Exposes Himself Eating, Throwing Food Aboard High-Speed Roller Coaster

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Guest eating chicken tenders and throwing them with a fork on a high-speed roller coaster

Credit: @jfishington on TikTok

A Guest shamelessly put others at risk by eating and throwing food and cutlery from a high-speed roller coaster.

Theme parks across America are some of the most popular destinations for a fun-filled family day, whether that be at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando Resort, LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, Knott’s Berry Farm, Cedar Point, Six Flags, or any other.

Unfortunately, a growing number of incidents involving unruly Guest behavior is putting that family-friendly environment at risk and even exposing Guests to injuries, which has forced major theme parks nationwide to bar select Guests from entering.

Credit: Six Flags

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Proof of this is the viral video user @jfishington posted on TikTok, in which he exposes himself and, presumably, his friends eating chicken tenders and fries with a fork aboard Raging Bull, one of Six Flags Great America’s most thrilling roller coasters.

In the video, the group loudly asks what the Guest eating is doing, using vulgar language, and one asks him to “give me a tendie.” The Guest continues to eat, seemingly unbothered, until the coaster reaches its first drop, in which his friends yell, “You might wanna put your f***ing tendies away, buddy.” However, the Guest shamelessly lifted his arms holding the box with chicken tenders, fries, and even a fork, and threw it up in the air, risking Guests behind him and those walking near the coaster to being hit by the food or the cutlery.

Warning, strong language is used in the video. Viewer discretion is advised. You can see the viral video below:

TENDIES ON THE ROLLER COASTER SLAP #fyp #rollercoaster #CHICKEN #tenders


TENDIES ON THE ROLLER COASTER SLAP #fyp #rollercoaster #CHICKEN #tenders

♬ original sound – JFish

The video has racked up over 13.6M views, 2.1M likes, and 13.6K comments since it was posted a week ago. While some viewers appreciated the Guests’ humor, most were concerned about the riders in the rows behind this party, commenting they were surely slapped by the chicken tenders and saying they were worried about someone getting poked in the eye by the fork. User @kendraamaciell commented, “standard six flags behavior,” while @elizabethhh068 said, “I’m just wondering how they snuck that on the ride.

Six Flags Great America has not released any information regarding the incident or any possible consequences against these Guests to reprimand their actions. User @jfishington hasn’t posted any follow-up information either.

Guests riding Raging Bull roller coaster at Six Flags Great America
Credit: Six Flags Great America

This is not the first time Six Flags has been involved in a shameful incident involving a high-speed roller coaster. Inside the Magic reported on an inebriated parent reacting violently after his daughter was denied access to a thrill ride at Six Flags New England. 

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