VIDEO: Guests Stuck Dangling Upside Down for Nearly an Hour on Roller Coaster

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Guests stuck on Rage at Adventure Island

Credit: Nicola Tinney via @CrimeLDN on Twitter

A terrifying video shows theme park Guests stuck at a 90-degree angle on a roller coaster for nearly an hour.

If you’ve ever been on a roller coaster, you know that part of the thrill is the unknown. Attractions are carefully designed to give you a terrifying adrenaline rush in the safest, most controlled way possible.

Guests ride the roller coaster Rage at Adventure Island
Credit: Adventure Island

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Sometimes, however – and only on rare occasions – things can go wrong. While actual accidents are incredibly rare (in fact, they’re less likely than your chances of being struck by lightning), roller coasters often break down or are left inoperable due to issues such as Guest behavior, poor weather, or temporary technical difficulties.

One such incident recently occurred at Adventure Island in the United Kingdom. Located in Southend on Sea in Essex, the Park aims to bring “awesome sights, thrills, and frights to revelers of all ages, day and night.” It’s home to multiple attractions, big and small, including its iconic roller coaster Rage.

Rage lit up against the night sky at Adventure Island
Credit: Adventure Island

As the name suggests, Rage is pretty intense. The Adventure Island website claims it as “the biggest and best coaster that Adventure Island has to offer,” leaving “even the most experienced rider short of breath and lost for words.”

However, on Friday (July 28), riders got more of a thrill than they bargained for when Rage broke down mid-ride. A video shared on social media shows riders left at a 90-degree angle on the ride’s 72-foot incline, where they were reportedly stuck for 40 minutes.

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Adventure Island staff are seen checking the roller coaster train. Engineers later evacuated Rage’s riders using an emergency escape platform lift.

In a public statement, Adventure Island said: “Just after 2pm today a carriage on Rage stopped on the lift. Our highly trained team immediately initiated our ride evacuation plan, which has been certified by the Health and Safety Executives and Essex Fire and Rescue. All passengers were returned to the ground, safe and sound and reunited with their families within 40 minutes.”

A similar incident occurred earlier this week at a fellow UK theme park, Thorpe Park, where stormy weather left Guests stranded mid-air and also forced them to evacuate.

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