Photos Catch Rockets Over EPCOT

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EPCOT in the evening, showing Spaceship Earth and the Monorail

Credit: Disney

Spending any holiday at the Disney Parks is bound to be spectacular events that Guests of all ages will always remember. Whether its for New Year’s, Halloween, or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, seasoned Park Hoppers will know that Disney knows how to throw a massive park-wide party. However, things are literally heating up at EPCOT.

disney characters fourth of july
Credit: Disney

One element the Parks have never skimped on is the fireworks, and no holiday absolutely screams pyrotechnics louder than the Fourth of July. Both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT have dazzling fireworks for the fourth, and this year marks the grand return of Disney’s celebration of America.

More Than Rome Burns at EPCOT

Epcot with fireworks
Credit: Disney

A lot of safety, care, and preparation goes into every Disney World fireworks show. Running four different sets of fireworks 365 days a year is more than a fire hazard, and the slightest error could result in a blazing inferno that consumes the entire property. So, Disney’s team of pyrotechnic professionals have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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This evening’s Fourth of July celebration is set to truly set the skies on fire, as Disney has already been doing red, white, and blue test runs in preparation for the event. While it’s one thing to view the show on ground level, a bird’s eye view can offer an incredibly magical perspective.

@bioreconstruct on Twitter is known for sharing aerial shots of various theme parks, but their nighttime views of Disney are truly enchanting, especially during their nighttime spectaculars. The shot above is only one of many shots of EPCOT Sunday night on Independence Day Weekend, and the green fire towards the World Showcaseis certainly eye catching.

Mimicking the layout for EPCOT Forever, the red, white, and blue mixing with the stars and stripes on Spaceship Earth in Future World lends a stunning patriotic touch to the show’s visuals. Of course, that’s not the only attraction that gets in on the act.

Although most fans might be expecting something grand from The American Adventure across the lake, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is lighting up the Wonders of Xandar pavilion, completing the American flag aesthetic with Spaceship Earth’s stripes. The results certainly speak for themselves in completing the image.

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These are only a few examples of the gorgeous displays Disney can create. More importantly, the account speaks volumes of what a shift in perspective can do for visuals.

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