Disney Is Celebrating the Fourth of July With Some of Its Weirdest Food Ever

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A patriotic 4th of July shake, an even more patriotic cheese dog. Disney Parks

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney Parks are well known for their incredible food options, especially during holidays. But for Independence Day 2023, Disney has gotten more ridiculous than ever.

Various patriotic 4th of July desserts at Disney Parks
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort are going all out. There will be patriotic fireworks, characters decked in stars and stripes, and plenty of Independence Day merchandise. But where Disney is really going all out is with the food.

While there will be your usual American fare like barbecue and desserts shaped like Mickey Mouse and painted red, white, and blue, some other options are mind-blowing. Based on the food guide revealed by the Disney Parks Blog, these are the weirdest Disney Parks food options for the Fourth of July.

Disney Has Made a Milkshake With Cake on Top

Walt Disney World EPCOT Fourth of July Shake
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

It’s hard to think of something more American than a milkshake. Nothing elicits the feelings of the 1950s quite like a freshly made milkshake with a nice, thick straw. All you’re really missing is a poodle skirt. That said, the new Fourth of July Shake at EPCOT is a bit excessive.

Described as a “red velvet shake with whipped cream and red velvet cake pieces,” most items seem to be there. There’s the blood-red shake, tasty-looking whipped cream, and even some sprinkles! However, the description of “red velvet cake pieces” is misleading because that is definitely a whole cupcake just sitting on top of a milkshake.

While this is a lot for any average Park Guest, it’s not the most ridiculous thing in this article. It’s not even the most absurd milkshake. For that, we’ll have to travel to Anaheim.

Disney Has Made a Milkshake With Cake and FIRE on Top

Red, White, and Blue CakeShake at Downtown Disney
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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Now this is the definition of American excess! Found at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes in Downtown Disney, the Red, White, and Blue CakeShake takes the previous milkshake and turns it up to eleven.

Where the last shake had a cupcake on top, the CakeShake lives up to its name with an entire slice of red, white, and blue cake. The whole thing is then encased with a smorgasbord of patriotic sprinkles and topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

However, this milkshake kicks things into fourth gear by adding a literal firework and Uncle Sam’s top hat. It’s hard to think of something more American without it having four-wheel drive. But Disney somehow found a way.

The Most American Food Got Even More Patriotic

Fourth of July Mozzarella Dog at Downtown Disney
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Nothing screams Americana quite like a corn dog. Corn dogs will always be delicious whether you’re grabbing it from a county fair or a Hot Dog on a Stick. How do you make them more American? Swap out the hot dog for cheese. How do you make that more American? Make that cheese red, white, and blue.

While it could be argued that this isn’t American because it’s an Italian cheese and looks like the French flag, the Fourth of July Mozzarella Dog is still a deep-fried marvel from Blue Ribbon Corn Dog in Downtown Disney that most US citizens only dream of. To make things more ridiculous, the Mozzarella Dog is rolled in sugar after being fried and served with a sriracha dipping sauce.

There is one thing that sets this mozzarella monstrosity in the “uncomfortable” category: those colors are not natural. I’ve heard of bleu cheese but not of cheese that is bright blue. That being said, it’s not the most uncomfortable food here. For that, we’ll have to go back to Walt Disney World Resort for the Hot Dog Eclair.

Have You Ever Wanted a Hot Dog Eclair?

Disney Resort Hotels Sweet Summertime Favorites Hot Dog Eclair
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If you think this looks like a nightmare version of a classic fast food meal, you’re not wrong. What’s actually going on is that Disney has taken a cue from Is It Cake? (2022-present) and made a dessert dish that only looks savory.

Found in various food courts at Disney Hotels, this uncanny valley dessert is known as Sweet Summertime Favorites. You’re looking at shortbread cookies made to look like french fries and a raspberry dipping sauce that looks like it’s between barbecue sauce and ketchup.

But the “star” of the show is the hot dog eclair. Made with chocolate buttercream and topped with ketchup and mustard icing with green sprinkles made to look like relish. However, the most off-putting part is the chocolate buttercream hot dog, which looks much more like a hot dog after you’ve eaten it.

Disney’s Fourth of July Food Looks Fantastic

disney characters fourth of july
Credit: Disney

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While the fecal frankfurter was a swing and a miss, the rest of the seasonal food offerings look spectacular. While this article focused on Disney’s weirdest options, there are plenty of surefire hits, including apple pie cupcakes, fries topped with pulled pork and macaroni and cheese, and plenty of patriotic cocktails.

Even the dubious dog is going to taste delicious. If you find yourself at a Disney Park in the United States, try as many of these as possible. You won’t be disappointed.

What do you think of these holiday food options? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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