Fans Weigh In: The Most OVERHYPED Disney Food

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Mickey and Goofy in front of Chef Mickey's

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If you ask for dining advice for your next Walt Disney World vacation, you’re going to be bombarded with a LOT of different opinions. There seem to be a few restaurants or food items that fans vote as universally good (like Boma) or universally bad (like Tony’s Town Square), but everything else will have vastly different opinions.

Which Walt Disney World restaurants, food, and drinks are the “best” or “worst” will entirely depend on you and your family or party. The best restaurant for a family of six with two toddlers is probably not going to be the best restaurant for a young couple on their honeymoon. Conversely, the best snack for a group of world-traveling young adults with adventurous palettes is probably not going to be the favorite of a 12-year-old who wants classic theme park food.

However, a recent Reddit thread had fans discussing Disney food and restaurants that are overhyped. Many weighed in on restaurants that were endlessly recommended to them that they just found okay, expensive reservations that were not worth the money, or Instagram-worthy snacks that were all look and no taste. Here are some of the top picks that Disney fans discussed – let us know if you agree with them!


Two Stitch and Angel themed cupcakes
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The general consensus about cupcakes at Walt Disney World seems to be that they were meant for the picture and that’s about it. You will find dozens of specialty cupcakes at Disney, with pretty much every celebration or event having one or more cupcakes to go along with it. These treats are sickeningly sweet with a mound of buttercream and fondant on top, and since they’re pre-made and refrigerated, some claim they have a “refrigerator flavor” to them. Everyone’s been enticed by one of these at least once.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

The interior of Cinderella's Royal Table
Credit: Disney

This is probably the hardest-to-get reservation at Walt Disney World. Who could pass up the opportunity to dine inside Cinderella Castle with a stunning view of Fantasyland? Not to mention you get to dine alongside the likes of Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, and more Disney Princesses. It’s every Princess-lover’s dream… at an extremely hefty price tag. Dinner here is a whopping $79 per adult and $47 per child for food that many Guests describe as meh. Of course, you’re paying for the location and experience, but if you’re paying that much, the food should blow you away, and it doesn’t hit the mark here. Fans vote this as a one-and-done.

Rice Krispie Treats

Minnie Mouse Rice Krispy
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Once a heralded lesser-known snack, these bakery treats have made the unfortunate transition from underrated to overhyped. Fans cite a recipe change, likely stemming from the treats going from made fresh to pre-packaged. They’re still made at Walt Disney World, but now have a distinctly artificial taste, likely to make them last longer in packaging. Nowadays, fans find them entirely too sweet and chemical-tasting.

Columbia Harbor House

columbia harbor house
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Seasoned Disney fans may be shaking their heads at this one, considering it’s usually regarded as one of the better quick service options at the Magic Kingdom. However, some fans cite that as just being relative to the Park’s other dining options, which are generally considered lackluster. Sure, it may be the best quick service at the Magic Kingdom, but compared to the rest of them, that’s not a very high bar! More beloved than the seafood menu is the quiet upstairs portion of the restaurant.

Be Our Guest

table in a restaurant
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Whether or not Be Our Guest is worth it is a very divisive topic amongst Disney fans. There’s no doubt that the restaurant has some of the best theming and immersiveness of any restaurant at Walt Disney World, and the magic of eating inside the Ballroom is something that you won’t soon forget. However, it falls into the same trap as Cinderella’s Royal Table – at $67 per adult, the food doesn’t quite match up to the price point. It’s not bad food by any means, but many Guests find it simply fine; and at nearly $70 a plate, “fine” just doesn’t cut it.

Mickey Pretzels

Mickey Pretzel
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Gasp! How could you? Mickey Pretzels are up in the echelons of Dole Whip and Mickey Premium Bars in terms of iconic-ness. Pretzels are such classic theme park food, and how could you pass up one shaped like Mickey Mouse? Unfortunately, a lot of fans find these pretzels to be entirely too dry, and the cheese dip it comes with to be way too artificial and salty. For different pretzel options, try the Cream Cheese Pretzel at the Lunching Pad or the pretzels in the Germany pavilion at EPCOT.

Chef Mickey’s

Mickey and Goofy in front of Chef Mickey's
Credit: Disney

Another dining reservation that’s nearly impossible to get, Chef Mickey’s is often considered a must-do for Walt Disney World first timers, or those who want the ultimate character dining experience. However, more seasoned Disney fans often turn up their nose at this busy restaurant. Many find the buffet’s food quality not to match the restaurant’s price point, and for the entire dining experience to be entirely too loud and chaotic actually to enjoy their meal. Maybe great for families with young kids, but you can probably skip this for date night.

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