Photos Show a Bird’s Eye View of EPCOT Forever Fireworks

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epcot forever aerial photo

Credit: @bioreconstruct

Guests are piling into the theme parks at Walt Disney World now that fireworks and nighttime spectaculars have officially returned. Typically, you will see Guests claim their spot early around the hub in front of Cinderella Castle to get the perfect view of Happily Ever After — or around World Showcase Lagoon for EPCOT Forever.

Well, we have a new perfect view to share with you all, courtesy of Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) on Twitter.

Epcot Forever
Credit: Disney

Bioreconstruct took to Twitter to share a series of photos, showing EPCOT Forever from a bird’s eye view, which we think is pretty incredible:

Aerial view of EPCOT Forever fireworks over Harmonious barges.

Another thread of Tweets show the beacons in EPCOT Forever from high in the sky:

Aerial look at beacons and pyro in EPCOT Forever.

Bioreconstruct then shared an incredible aerial view video of the nighttime spectacular — Talk about the perfect view:

Additional aerial video of EPCOT Forever fireworks show.

Another Tweet shows the fireworks shooting off around the barges on World Showcase Lagoon:

Aerial look at EPCOT Forever.

This next photo is something I, personally, would love to frame and put up in my house! This aerial view of EPCOT Forever shows pyrotechnics shooting off on World Showcase Lagoon:

Aerial look at ring exploding in EPCOT Forever.

And lastly, bioreconstruct shared an aerial photo showing the fireworks reflecting off of the water in World Showcase Lagoon:

Fireworks are reflecting in World Showcase Lagoon in this aerial photo of EPCOT Forever.

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More on EPCOT Forever

Epcot Forever
Credit: Disney

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EPCOT Forever returned to EPCOT on July 1, prior to the debut of HarmonioUS — which will set off for the first time on October 1, 2021. Also debuting on Disney World’s 50th anniversary is Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom.

If you have never seen EPCOT Forever, the official description reads:

Witness the wonder as the story of Epcot and its next incredible chapter come to life in this new nighttime spectacular. Behold the single “spark of imagination” that started it all. Watch it grow, evolve and transform into an epic nighttime extravaganza that stirs the senses and captures all you love about Epcot—and all that’s to come—with dazzling fireworks, stunning laser effects set to tunes that have become theme park favorites.

epcot forever
Credit: Disney

What do you think of these aerial views of EPCOT Forever? Let us know in the comments below.

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