Yes, Woke Does Mean Broke for Walt Disney Company

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When most people hear the name “Disney,” images of castles, cartoons, and childhood wonder are typically the first that come to mind. However, for those who have been keeping up with recent coverage, a storm of disenchantment hovers over the brand as Cast Members battle homelessness, animated masterpieces tank at the box office, and the company loses touch with its audience.

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It’s no secret that Disney is going through a troubling season, and falling theme park attendance paired with the strikes in Hollywood aren’t doing it any favors. However, it might lead to the wake-up call the studio desperately needs.

The Audience Will Finally Be Heard, and Disney Will Pay For It

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Although the brand has been perpetually associated with magic and whimsy, Disney has suffered critical losses this year in Disney Parks and theaters. While it can be easy to blame things like culture wars, wage discrepancies, politics, and the “woke” movement, the actual fault lies with the house of mouse itself.

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The fact of the matter is that Disney truly has lost touch with its core audience by trying to keep investors and shareholders happy instead of the consumer. Bob Iger has even proven to be wholly disconnected from what’s happening.  In doing this, the company has continued to produce material that fits with a perceived notion of the culture rather than the Disney viewers know, love, and repeatedly consume.

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A great example of this phenomenon is the consistently maligned remake of Snow White and the Seven DwarfsDespite a very vocal chorus of no from the audience, Disney continues to pursue yet another box office bomb in the making and prompting some to suggest that the company is intentionally trying to fail.

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The Walt Disney Company and its studio have been regularly criticized for being woke, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had a lasting effect. The phrase “go woke, go broke” is an active cliche, but that percentage of consumers choosing to boycott the brand over it has undeniably affected the company’s revenue.

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Box office performance and theme park attendance have been devastatingly low, and Disney’s reputation is quickly following with it. While it’s unrealistic even to consider a world without the company’s consistent presence, it might not recover from its current cultural position if things don’t dramatically improve.

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