“Is That Too Much to Ask?” Iger’s Greed Kills Disney Experience

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Although his initial return received rave reviews from fans last year, Bob Iger has quickly fallen from grace in the past few weeks. While he has helped the Disney Parks heal, his recent remarks in the week of the writer’s strike have genuinely set him back in the eyes of the fans.

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Although there is a consistent number of problems plaguing the Disney Parks lately, there is one solution that can, at the very least, alleviate some of the backlash seen in recent months. Bob Iger has yet to take a straightforward action that would benefit places like Disney World, fans, and the company’s entire consumer base.

Bob Iger and the Cost of Success


Bob Iger is failing Disney and there are some quick steps to fix this. #disneytiktok #disney #disneytok #disneyland #disneyworld

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@sayheyjames on TikTok puts things into perspective a lot better than most, but he also blatantly points out the issues still facing the Walt Disney Company even after Iger’s return as CEO. Things like Genie+, the reservation system, and price tiers were all allegedly implemented by Iger before Chapek took over, but the biggest sin committed by the current company head is how out of touch with the audience he has become.

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Since several box office bombs continue to plague the entertainment side of Disney, it’s clear that the Parks have become the company’s primary moneymaker. That said, quality of life at places like Disney World has seen a noticeable decline in the past two years. However, Iger can still pull himself out of the mire if he makes one single change.

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger in front of Cinderella Castle
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As stated in the video above, Disney should devote every iota of time, money, and effort to keeping the Parks functioning as much as possible. Maintenance and Guest satisfaction are definitely important matters that shouldn’t be ignored, but the fact that a Disney Parks vacation is becoming less and less accessible is what’s really going to bite them in the end.

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Dropping the tier system and establishing a reasonable set price would do wonders for the Parks, and Disney would see a tremendous increase in attendance in a very short amount of time. The problem is that Iger is committing the same sin as Chapek and falling out of touch with his audience. Making the Parks more accessible to the masses might not fix everything, but it would be a great place to start.

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