Never Hurts to Ask: Free Disney Parks Perks

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Taking a trip to any one of the Disney parks it’s going to be a magical event. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a jolly holiday that lasts a week and a half, Disneyland and Walt Disney World are home to some of the most enchanting experiences on the planet. And yet, so many Guests are completely ignoring extra helpings of Disney magic every time they go.

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It takes a lot to make a Disney trip work, but you’d be surprised at just how much Disney takes care of their Guests. Although Guest Services is no stranger to offering things like free buttons on your birthday or little bits and pieces to make your stay more magical, it’s honestly incredible what a Disney Park Guests can get out of their trip if they simply ask nicely.

All You Have to Do Is Ask: Perks at the Disney Parks


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We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, Cast Members are your best friends if you’re staying on Disney property. In her TikTok above, @benchlandia shares how she managed to get a CM tour of the Tower of Terror’s lobby simply by asking permission. That makes us wonder, what else is only a polite ask away?

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Ever hear the phrase, “you have not because you ask not?” A little politeness goes a long way at the Parks, especially the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld covered the exact same topic, and the responses were quite impressive.

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Sometimes it’s the little things like extra blankets, souvenir buttons, and photo ops that make a Disney trip extra special, but many Disney Park Guests have shared the extra mile Cast Members have gone after simply being asked nicely.

Disney’s Character Meet and Greets are an absolute must-do on any Disney trip, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to meet everyone on the list. However, u/Immediate-Test-678 shares a heartwarming act of kindness from a Cast Member on Duty.

The user writes,

“Let’s just say I was having a Disney Jean jacket signed by all the princesses and on my last night there as I realized I wouldn’t be getting the last princess I need (a favourite too!) I asked a cast member and she took my jacket and got it signed for me. I literally started crying and my kids were like happy tears mommy?? Yes happy tears…”

A robot waving at Oga's Cantina may the 4th
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Of course, Cast Member magic isn’t limited to Character Meet and Greets, sometimes they can score some free and exclusive souvenirs. You don’t need a Jedi Mind Trick to take home a trinket in a galaxy far, far away.

u/christmastree47 writes,

“At Oga’s we asked if we could take our coasters home with us and our chemist said yes and then also gave us like 6 others so that we had one of each design.”

To which u/smokey-grapefruit21 replies,

“A lovely chemist did this for us a few weeks ago, he saw my boyfriend looking at the designs on our coasters so handed him a handful of different designs to take home!”

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Autographs and free coasters are all well and good, but what about those Guests staying at the Walt Disney World Resort? Let’s face it, sometimes our stays don’t go as planned, but u/AwkwardLikeAnna shares how understanding the hotel staff and CMs can be when they share,

“In late summer 2023, we had booked studio rooms in the DVC Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge. (we did a tri-split stay… Kids loved it and no complaints) however, we got an older room at AKL. The sofa bed pull out was horrendous. I switched with my daughter half way through the night because it was hurting her and then I experienced it… That morning I called guest services and with the kindest tone asked if we could be switched to different rooms with two standard beds. I even offered to downgrade hotels if necessary. The CM was amazing. She not only switched rooms to the main buildings at AKL and WL, they were great locations…It never hurts to ask (but kindness goes a long way I believe)”

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These are only a few positive trip reports from the Reddit thread, and it should definitely make many would-be Guests want to treat the CMs just a little nicer. Who knows, they might even get a reward for their kind efforts.

Has a Disney Cast Member made your trip magical? Tell Inside the Magic about it in the comments below. 


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