Disney Drops Lake Nona, But Not Walt Disney World

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Cinderella Castle from under archway

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For weeks, the newsfeeds have been flooding with reports coming out of Florida about the ongoing feud between the Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. What began over legislation dispute has snowballed into an all-out culture war, and now Disney has landed a hefty blow to the Republican leader, his state, and even Disney World.

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It was announced recently that Disney cancelled their Imagineering relocation program in Lake Nona, resulting in the termination of a billion-dollar project and the loss of thousands of job opportunities for the state. While that’s definitely going to sting for a while, it doesn’t mean the company is finished with Florida or Walt Disney World.

The Fight for Disney World is Far From Over

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trying to stop Guests from visiting Walt Disney World Resort
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Governor DeSantis has caused more than a fair share of trouble for Disney and Florida, but halting production on Disney World developments isn’t the death sentence it appears. While Disney Imagineering’s presence would have further developed the Parks to compete with their Californian cousin, Disney is still trying to bring healing in light of recent events.

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Already, efforts are being made to restore Walt Disney World to it’s pre-Chapek Glory. The reservation system has been phased out, the Disney Dining Plans are returning, and Genie+ is reportedly on its way out. All they really need to do now is bring back Disney’s Magical Express.

Magic Kingdom Station
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That all being said, further still needs to be done in terms of repairs and refurbishment, but that shouldn’t stop Guests from visiting. Reports from Florida are definitely dark, but Guests should remember that often forgotten phrase, “this too shall pass.”

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One big thing Disney fans forget is that time is running out for DeSantis and his officials. He won’t be in office forever, and Disney will be around decades after he inevitably falls from power. As pointed out by @dappermanatee in one of our previous articles, Disney is an institution that will forever have a place in Florida, unlike the Governor.

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