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A trip to Disney is typically a joyful and magical event, but that doesn’t mean the Parks are immune to emergencies, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t prepared. The Cast Members, character performers, staff, and security at Walt Disney World are some of the most highly trained employees out there, and they’re more than ready to handle anything that comes their way.

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Guest safety and satisfaction is one of the top priorities at any of the Disney Parks, and they know how to handle all manner of emergencies from injuries to hurricanes. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. One Guest at the Walt Disney World Resort shared their traumatic experience this morning after they left Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland.

Disney World Could Save Your Life

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u/milenpatel posted their trip report on r/WaltDisneyWorld around 12:30 this morning to report a tragic and traumatic experience they witnessed as they left the Park. The user shares,

“As my wife and I were exiting Big Thunder Mountain we saw a group of people surrounding a man on the floor while another gentleman had started chest compressions. His shirt was ripped off and he was simply laying there unconscious. The image won’t leave my head and I’m just praying that man is okay and that his loved ones are okay as well. I’m sorry for such a sad post on such a happy forum but it really hit me hard about life today.”

While this is indeed an unsettling thing to hear out of the so-called “place where dreams come true,” the rest of the Disney World community were quick to offer reassurance that Disney’s highly trained cast would see that the man got the help he needed, and that being at Disney when this episode happened likely saved his life.

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Former Disney employee u/shadowscar00 writes,

“If I were to have ANY kind of medical emergency and I got to pick where it happened, my first choice would be a medical facility obviously, but smack-dab in the middle of MK is my second. They REALLY emphasize guest safety, and I guarantee you they did everything they possibly could to help that person you saw.”

And u/positive-vibes79 adds,

“Even though Disney is not the ideal place to have a heart attack, at least he wasn’t alone and was able to receive help. I am sure that cast members unfortunately see emergencies like this all the time…”

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The thread continues with similar notions, many of which encourage the original poster to seek out someone to help cope with their trauma after witnessing a dangerous event. Fortunately, u/milenpatel posts an update and writes,

“I was amazed last night at all the help that man received. Strangers doing cpr or holding up a flash light to help responders see more easily. It was shocking but also now looking at it this morning, amazing. Amazing to see the kindness of people to stop and help. What a good world…”

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The biggest thing readers and Disney Park Guests should take away from this report is that the Disney Parks continue to strive for excellence, even in the midst of recent reports. Not only is Walt Disney World one of the most magical places on earth, it also might be the safest.

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