Disney World Mends a Broken Heart

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Places like Walt Disney World and Disneyland have the iconic reputations of being “the happiest places on earth,” and that’s not an unfair assessment. Many Disney Park Guests flock to the realms of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy to get away from the dregs of reality, but sometimes an emotional pick-me-up is also part of the Disney package.

Guests at around a campfire at Fort Wilderness while on their Disney World vacation.
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Disney goes to great lengths to ensure that visitors have the absolute best time possible, largely thanks to the unspoken “no sad faces rule” That all being said, it’s amazing what can happen when both the Cast Members and the very vocal fanbase come together.

Dumped at Disney World

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As the old song goes, breaking up is hard to do, but there’s something particularly nasty about dumping someone in the middle of a Disney Park. u/anonnnnnnn10110 shared her tragic experience of getting dumped right in the middle of Disney World’s EPCOT.

The user writes,

If you saw a girl crying at Epcot today, hey what’s up! That was me! I took my boyfriend to Disney World for the first time. Saved up like crazy and paid for all of it, only to get dumped today at Epcot. A year and a half, woop woop.”

The post goes onto explain how the pair were staying and traveling together, but the user put so much into the trip that she doesn’t want to just call it quits. We don’t know about you, but the wonders of the World Showcase and Future World quickly loses its appeal after something like that.

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Fortunately, the network of Disney fans on r/WaltDisneyWorld was able to come to her aid. From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success, and fans were able to use this opportunity to show u/anonnnnnnn10110 the benefits of going “Han Solo” on a Disney trip.

A Party of One is Still a Party

Space Mountain Disneyland Single Rider Line - 2021
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There are dozens of replies trashing the ex-boyfriend and how the original poster can celebrate her newfound singleness, but the real takeaway from the aftermath of this dreadful experience is how liberating a solo trip through the Disney Parks can truly be.

Inside the Magic has previously covered the benefits of a solo Disney trip, especially as an adult, and the response from Reddit’s community of fans seems to only reaffirm that sentiment. Many users are urging her to utilize the single-rider lines, the perks from communicating her situation to cast members, and how to safely enjoy her time on property after such a devastating loss.

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Although it’s natural to feel sad for the ending of a relationship, little Disney magic can go along way in speeding up the healing process. Even after a the death of a loved one, a trip to the Parks can be the sunshine on a gloomy day. There’s nothing a hug from Mickey can’t fix.

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