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Say what you want about Disney Adults, but they do know how to visit the Parks the right way. Too often, Disney is advertise to families with children, and the experience is meant for adult Guests are often cast aside. That doesn’t mean the grownups can’t have just as much fun.

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When most visitors think of the Disney Parks, they typically see long lines for rides and dozens of loud children. However, the four core Parks of the Walt Disney World Resort are only one part of the overall equation. As surprising is it might sound, the popular destination is home to several experiences adult audiences simply can’t find anywhere else.

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If you are an adult Disney fan, there’s no better way to experience the Parks than a solo trip. Visiting the Magic Kingdom with family or friends is great, but it does not offer the same opportunities as traveling in a party of one. Guests can see a whole new world if they travel at their own pace.

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Let’s Ride!

Not only do adult guests typically get to experience any ride they wish, but adult Guests traveling alone can usually manage weight times a lot better through the frequent use of the single-rider lane. Whether they have a Lightning Lane pass or not, single-riders typically move at a steady pace, and some even get moved right to the front. This is often one of the most overlooked advantages of going Han Solo on a Park day, especially since some of Disney’s most popular rides like Space Mountain, Test Track, and Expedition Everest utilize the single-rider option to a tremendous extent.

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Enjoy Your Stay

If you are traveling in a larger party, especially one with kids, chances are you’ll be bound to spend nearly every single day at a Park. While that’s perfectly fine, and many adult Guests do the same thing on solo trips, there’s more to Walt Disney World than that. Solo visitors can resort hop and take advantage of a variety of different venues, such as the spas at the Grand Floridian, the Baseline Taphouse at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk, or the large display of nightlife available at Disney Springs.

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Light Up the Night

Speaking of nightlife, it’s honestly quite astounding just how much Disney offers in the way of adult-oriented entertainment. While most might immediately think of the legion of Guests who stumble about EPCOT while they drink themselves around the World Showcase, that’s not what we’re talking about.

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There are plenty of places to get a dose of Disney magic after the Parks close, such as the live entertainment offered at the Edison and Raglan Road, the dueling pianos at Jellyrolls, and plenty of places for food and drinks where the mouse ears are entirely optional.

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Be Our Guest!

Not only will adults save money on food by traveling alone, but they’ll also be exposed to a wider variety of options. Corndog nuggets from Casey’s Corner are a delicious underrated gem, but most won’t want them every day like some younger visitors do. Walt Disney World is home to some incredible restaurants like Morimoto’s Asia and Steakhouse 71, but sometimes getting a reservation can be exceptionally difficult. However, at least in this writer’s experience, parties of one have very few problems getting into some of the most popular places on Park property.

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It Means No Worries

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to traveling solo is that you are on your own schedule. Experienced Disney Adults know just how liberating that can be after past trips with bigger groups. Traveling solo allows for an enormous amount of flexibility, permitting Guests to ride what they want, eat where they want, shop where they want, and do things at their own pace. Spend ten hours at the Magic Kingdom or simply kick back at the resort, the choice is yours.

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