Party Of One: Why You Should Take A Solo Trip to Walt Disney World

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The Disney Parks are marketed left and right as fun for the whole family, a place to make memories, and all sorts of other sweet and saccharine sentimental descriptors, but there’s something to be said about going to Disney all on one’s own.

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A party of one is still a party, and there’s no better place to express that saying than at a Disney Park. While visiting the Magic Kingdom with family and friends is all well and good, it’s all a completely different and unique experience when flying solo.

There might be a certain stigma against “Disney Adults” who book their own personal trips to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but it’s arguably a much more enjoyable way to get the full Disney package.

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The Disney Parks simply offer so much to see, do, and experience that sometimes sticking with a group’s set schedule or itinerary can slow down and hinder a Guest’s enjoyment. With Parks like the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to visit, it can be a lot to take in for some parties of visitors. By traveling alone, they are able to set their own schedules and visit each different attraction and activity on their own time. This way, Guests can relax and unleash their Disney side at their own pace without worrying about disappointing or annoying other members in their party.

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Rides and attractions are one of the key reasons for visiting any sort of theme park, but Disney’s are some of the best in the business. Wait times can be absolutely excruciating, especially for big hitters like Space Mountain, Soarin’, or Expedition Everest. Traveling alone means frequent use of the Single-Rider line, an excellent way to avoid the mass swamp of Guests waiting to get in, occasionally even beating the Lightning Lane. Less wait times means more frequent ride action for all those thrill junkies looking to go screaming down the spirals of Big Thunder Mountain.

Another benefit of visiting alone is the amount of dining options that open up for a solo guest. It’s honestly quite remarkable how short wait times for reservations can be for parties of one. Even if its just sitting at the bar, solo guests can enjoy some of the best table-service restaurants the parks have to offer. Disney Springs is a particular hot spot for some phenomenal dining spots, and getting a reservation early is highly recommended, but parties of one definitely have something of an advantage.

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Cast Members are the ones that make the magic happen at the parks, and that dedication to a stellar stay on park property is what makes them such a crucial part to any Disney vacation. It literally wouldn’t happen without them.

Easily one of the biggest highlights of soloing a Disney trip is how much attention the Cast Members and characters give to ensure the visiting Guest has the absolute best experience. Everyone from the hotel staff to even the characters go above and beyond to make a visitor feel warm and welcome, and it’s more than noticeable.

Visiting a Disney Park solo might not be for everyone, and that’s okay. However, those who know the benefits and perks that come from packing up and heading to the happiest places on earth with a party of one in tow. There’s definitely a certain feeling of freedom with taking on the resorts mono-a-mono.

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