Disney Parks: The Craziest Place on Earth

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The Disney Parks are just as well-known by their official names as their nicknames: the happiest place on earth and the most magical place on earth. However, they can also be some of the craziest places on earth.

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During a trip to the Disney Parks, tensions can run high between Guests, even within a family. Large crowds, lots of waiting, stress, heat, and more can add a lot of negativity to a magical vacation. In a recent thread on Twitter, Guests share some of their craziest experiences at the Disney Parks, and some of the responses are mind-blowing.

Two Guests on a tram during a Disneyland fight

Several comments mentioned the fights that have seemed to be breaking out recently throughout Disneyland or people jumping lines. @sqidey mentions that “the amount of stories people are sharing about parents letting their kids just shit/piss wherever is very concerning. I think disney cast members are stronger than the us military” in regards to several comments made about the situation. @longlivthemagic recalls a “parent letting their kid pee in a BB-8 sipper in the smugglers exit,” while @epthot_ mentions “moms would just let their kids shit and piss wherever they wanted. most notable examples are…the teacups…and outside of everest.”

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Other comments mentioned entitled parents, like @rocco_botte remembering “a grown woman/mother with Minnie ears on turn around to her little daughter and scream “DO -NOT- RUIN TODAY FOR ME” right in her face.” “Two drunk dads got into a fist fight over one of them allegedly spilling beer on his kid,” states @Im_queenpotato, claiming the Cast Member they told seemed unaffected. “I recently saw a kid walk into the parade route while a parade was going on and her parent was just sitting there watching,” recalls @Spence_Mountain.

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While Disney can be a magical place for many people, it also seems to be able to show a completely different side to them as well. It’s unfortunate that other Guests have to experience entitled parents, people screaming or fighting each other, or parents allowing their children to use the bathroom anywhere. Disney certainly isn’t the only Park to experience this kind of behavior, as several comments mentioned other theme parks, but given Disney’s high price point and the pedestal so many people put it on, it’s understandably disappointing.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced in a Disney Park? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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